Men in Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America

Author: Mark R. Levin
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
February 2005

The Supreme Court Endorses Terrorists' Rights, Flag Burning, and Importing Foreign Law.

Is that in the Constitution?

You're right: It's not. But these days the Constitution is no restraint on our out-of-control Supreme Court. The Court imperiously strikes down laws and imposes new ones purely on its own arbitrary whims. Even though liberals like John Kerry are repeatedly defeated at the polls, the majority on the allegedly "conservative" Supreme Court reflects their views and wields absolute power.

There's a word for this: tyranny.

In Men in Black, radio talk show host and legal scholar Mark R. Levin dissects the judicial tyranny that is robbing us of our freedoms and stuffing the ballot box in favor of liberal policies.

If you've ever wondered why - no matter who holds political power - American society always seems to drift to the left, Mark Levin has the answer: the black-robed justices of the Supreme Court, subverting democracy in favor of their own liberal agenda.

In Men in Black, you'll learn:

Surprise: the liberal Supreme Court Justice who erected the "separation of church and state" was a member of the Ku Klux Klan

Decades of judicial activism have made the Supreme Court the most potent threat to American freedom. Men in Black, as Rush Limbaugh notes in his introduction, "couldn't be more timely or important, as liberals continue shamelessly to thwart the people, Congress, the president, and state governments by using the courts to dictate national policy..Men in Black is a tremendously important and compelling book."

It could very well be the most important book you read this year.