The perverson of liberal government
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
September 1, 2009

The perversion of liberal/socialist government has been eating away our
freedoms, the American dream of the pursuit of happiness, and killing
capitalism in California and the nation. Anyone who doubts that a takeover
is happening need only review the insidious creep of left-wing radicals,
their infection of the Democrat Party, the crushing demise of California,
and the Obama cabal disease running rampant in Washington and throughout the

California is the prime example of the failed government policy, costly
disabled public education, environmental strangulation by regulation,
unreasonable government growth by entitlement and dependence, which raises
the cost of living with socialist-style intrusions that consume wages and
free enterprise by taxation and sends residents and businesses running out
of state. Yet in the face of economic collapse, California government
refuses potential revenue from oil, natural gas and other natural resources,
cuts off vital water resources and continues to raise fees, taxes and

The United States government, now controlled by socialist Democrats in
Congress and President Obama's Marxist cabal in the White House, have taken
our mortally wounded economy and exacerbated the bursted housing and Wall
Street bubbles with a grand scheme to take over finance, big business,
energy, health care and the media by default, with lies, deceit and
intimidation, enormous abuse of power and insurmountable public debt.

The irony is, it was political philanthropists like Nancy Pelosi, Barney
Frank, Chris Dodd and Charles Schumer who set the economic disaster in
irreversible motion regardless of the unintended consequences. Barack Obama
seized the moment and the crises to win the election at any cost, and to
schmooze the frightened American people into a state of euphoric
vulnerability to abide by his massive transformation of government, the
economy and society. Only now are folks feeling the hurt and realizing that
this is a very very bad deal, and they are not buying it.

September 1, 2009
(Re: "A final farewell," News, Friday, August 29, 2009).

Praise is overblown
Daniel B. Jeffs - Apple Valley, Calif.

The tragic death by cancer of any human being notwithstanding, Sen. Edward
Kennedy was little more than a member of the most corrupt political family
of privilege in U.S. history. The senator's legacy is a prime example of how
too many of our elected officials stand for representing themselves in
gaining personal power and self-aggrandizement far more than representing
the people.

Unfortunately, supported by the celebrity-obsessed news media, the Obama
administration and the Democratic Congress will undoubtedly immortalize
Kennedy and his years of promoting national health care to pass their health
care dreams, which would surely become a socialized medicine nightmare for
the American people.

A prime example of what is wrong with Congress

'Un-American' attacks can't derail health care debate
By Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer
USA TODAY August 10, 2009

Americans have been waiting for nearly a century for quality, affordable health care.

Health coverage for all was on the national agenda as early as 1912, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose presidential run. Months after World War II came to an end in 1945, President Harry Truman called on Congress to guarantee all Americans the "right to adequate medical care and protection from the economic fears of sickness." From President Lyndon Johnson to President Bill Clinton, to President Obama's winning campaign on the promise of reform, there hasn't been a more debated domestic issue than the promise of affordable health care for all.

Press Enterprise (Riverside CA)
July 7, 2009

The Joke is on voters

Al Franken is now U.S. Senator-elect Al Franken, which tips the power in the Senate to the Democrats ("Senate win gives Democrats big lift," July 1)..

How ironic is the Saturday Night Live Stuart Smalley "people like me" image? Al Franken is a political hero in his own mind.

In reality, he is a rancorous partisan and a joke. But like the power of overwhelming government being wrought upon the country, the joke will be on those who will undoubtedly suffer from it.

Daniel B. Jeffs
Apple Valley

Los Angeles Times
July 4, 2009

Franken's new gig
(Lead of five letters)

Al Franken is now U.S. Senator-elect Al Franken, which tips the power in the Senate to the Democrats. Franken may be a political hero in his own mind; I think he is a rancorous partisan. But like the power of overwhelming government being wrought upon the country, the joke will be on those who will undoubtedly suffer from it -- most of us.

The parasite economy booms in D.C.

Barney Frank's crimes against the American People
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
May 9, 2009

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee is on track to compounding his crimes against the American people, it appears with impunity. First, he was a major player in causing the collapse of the mortgage and housing industry, which put the economy in a tailspin. No one from his own party called him to account for it, and there were few, if any, complaints from congressional Republicans. And, of course, the biased news media violated the people's trust by sitting on their hands.

Now, as Star Parker has so aptly pointed out in her column, "Welcome to the new capitalism," the unrepentant Rep. Frank is leading an effort to making it worse, with what he calls the "new capitalism," which is government meddling and intimidation. In what he calls, "diminution of foreclosures by voluntary efforts" Frank intends to manipulate banks into taxpayer-subsidized mortgage re-financing, leaving mortgage-back security investors, such as pension funds and 401Ks holding the bag and violating their contracts. Barney Frank and company are conducting commercial tyranny, exacerbating the seriously wounded economy, and grossly violating the Constitution. If the federal judiciary sits this out, justice is lost...

Welcome to the new capitalism (Barney Frank)
By Star Parker
May 4, 2009

Scrap political parties
Letter - Press Enterprise - March 2, 2009

So if you're a Republican, your vote on an issue should be the same as that of all other Republicans? And if you're a Democrat, the same is true?

I've seen that way of thinking played out in the recent votes in Congress on the bailout and stimulus bills and in the Legislature with the recent vote on California's budget.

That being the case, why do we need all those folks representing us?

If individuals can't think for themselves and a party is expected to vote as a bloc, why not just have a couple of senators representing us instead of hundreds? We could save a ton of money and make the legislative process much more efficient.

$410 billion Omnibus Bill
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
February 25, 2009

President Obama gave an inspiring speech to a joint session of Congress and the American people about the economic crisis, in which he said that we would all have to make sacrifices. Apparently, that does not include congressional earmarked pork spending.

While debating the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Senator Chuck Schumer said, "And let me say this to all the chattering classes that so much focus on those little, tiny, yes porky amendments. The American people really don't care." Senator Schumer must be correct, because the House just passed the $410 billion Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009, which contains 8750 "disclosed earmarks" costing $7.7 billion.

Of course we, the American people, know that congressional pork spending is political business as usual in Washington, and that senators and representatives make deals to get money earmarked for their states and districts. But, to say that we, the American people, or at least most of us don't care, particularly under these extraordinary economic circumstances, is unconscionable. Most of us care deeply about the federal piggy bank. It contains our money and our debt, and we don't want it busted.

Contrary to popular belief, President Obama is not omniscient. His big government could cause irreversible damage to the economy and our lives.

The Blind leading the Blind at our expense
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
February 14, 2009

The Democrats in Congress passed a so-called $787 billion recovery bill that no one in Congress completely read before they voted on it, regardless of the fact that it is the largest bill ever passed. Other than putting $9.7 trillion at risk, and the tax handouts, no one seems to know exactly where the money will end up, leaving voters in the country in the dark until after the money is spent. The blind leading the blind is certainly no way to run our government.

Worse, as a congresswoman said on the floor of the House, the bill was not big enough and it was only the first step, which likely means the borrowing, spending, and printing money will go out of control until hyper-inflation sets in and a deep depression is upon us.

Indeed, a thousand pages of secret tunnels leading to $billions in special interest spending, which has little to nothing to do with economic recovery or jobs, is simply shameless power shuffling. The Congress is no place for playing shell games. Hopefully, before President Obama signs the bill, he will shed light on each and every part of it like he promised. Public ignorance is not what representing the people or leading the country is all about. Democracy is.

Los Angeles Times
Re: Ending the judge wars - Editorial
February 8, 2009

Appointments to the federal bench, or any state court for that matter, should not only be nonpartisan and highly qualified, there should be a clear and absolute mandate to end all manner of judicial activism, with impeachment and removal as the only alternative. There is simply no excuse or justification for wielding gavels of ideology in our courts where only the rule of law and constitutional justice must prevail in the mind of the judiciary.

Daniel B. Jeffs, LLB

There ought to be a law
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
February 7, 2009

Government lawmaking in America has become a self-corrupting process by people we elect to represent our interests, our security and the good of the people. Indeed, what is going on now in Congress and states like California regarding the economic crisis are prime examples of lawmaking hysteria, and obsessive-compulsive political disorders.

The question is, in what might be the most serious and chaotic times in our national security and economic history, will those who represent us make the right decisions, or will they be unable to rise above a mortally wounded political system, their party and their own selfish interests?

Not likely. Instead of spending most of their time and taxpayers money heaping more laws, rules and regulations on the mountains of existing laws, to promote partisan political agendas and ideologies that do little more than endanger, frustrate, obstruct, or burden the people and the free market, there ought to be a law requiring our representative and officials to concentrate on our overall national security, and spend the rest of their time re-examining and repealing unnecessary existing laws, rules and regulations.

There is such a law in the Constitution, limiting government, which should be followed, not misinterpreted, compromised or circumvented, as has been done, unabated, for generations. That will end this crises and avoid or mitigate future problems. Lest we forget, we are the power that drive the engines of democracy, liberty and freedom.

Failed government investments
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
February 6, 2009

The current economic meltdown and government's reactionary responses highlight government political jargon, such as "Meltdown," "Crisis," "Too big to fail," "Bailout," "Investment," and "Economic stimulus," along with old jargon such as "Moving forward," "In the days, weeks and months ahead," and "The fact of the matter is...," as very costly, "Failed policies."

Almost everything bearing the label, "Government investment," or "Government-backed" has proven to be playing fast, loose and irresponsible with great amounts of taxpayer money and debt. Indeed, the failed lending practices of government-backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was the cause of the irresponsible housing and lending failure that pulled down banking institutions. Government investment in failed public education and failed healthcare are icons of irresponsible and unaccountable government practices, yet they continue unabated at taxpayers expense.

So, when government clamors for the urgency of investments, bailouts, and rescues of any description to the tune of hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars. And our elected representatives and officials go ahead and do it against the best interests of the people, absent common sense, it's no less risky than reckless stock market investments. The fact of the matter is, it's repetitive failed policies and offenses, of crimes against the public, and downright criminal negligence.

SCHIP cigarette tax unfair
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
January 28, 2009

The House and Senate approval of a large cigarette tax increase to fund the $35 billion State Children's Healthcare Insurance Program (SCHIP) is simply another tax attack against over 40 million beleaguered smokers, most of whom are low-income people who can least afford it. If anything, SCHIP should be included in, or replace $35 billion of non-stimulus in the $825 billion economic stimulus legislation.

It's bad enough that anti-smoking zealots have discriminated against smokers as social outcasts, holding them up to public hatred, ridicule and humiliation.

But to discriminate against a class of people with punishing unconstitutional taxes to pay for non-smoking related healthcare, and other unrelated programs that have little or nothing to do with smoking, is simply wrong. President Bush was right to veto an unfair tax on low-income smokers to pay for middle-income people's healthcare for children. President Obama should do the same, particularly in these dire economic times. There seems to be no one else to speak for us. The President is a smoker.

Wall Street and Congress are irresponsible
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
January 31, 2009

Media critics bashing Wall Street for handing out $18.4 billion in employee bonuses fail to make sense, other than supporting President Obama's call for restraint, discipline and responsibility. Top executives' bonuses and expenditures were clearly excessive, however, most of Wall Street's rank and file depend on bonuses for most of their income.

The irony is not lost when the President calls the bonuses shameful and the height of irresponsibility, while Congress does the same by adding $billions in unrelated pork to questionable trillion dollar taxpayer-funded bailouts and stimulus packages. Both shameful and irresponsible excesses come from the same beleaguered pockets. Ours.

Lest we forget, the Barney Franks, Christopher Dodds and Franklin Raines bred and grew the shameful and irresponsible housing mess and economic meltdown. Wall Street exacerbated it, and Washington's blind leading the blind are making it worse.

Stimulate the economy and democracy, not socialism
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
January 29, 2009

America is going from bad to worse. President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress are too big to fail. The liberal media is their base. Our government is socialism on steroids. One-party rule by Democrats is dangerous to our health, security and welfare. We are in the green grip of environmental economic chaos. And our children and grandchildren are being miseducated and mortgaged for life with another $trillion of debt. The self-corrupting two-party system is destroying our society, and we need a way to save ourselves. What can we do?

A real democratic/economic stimulus package would put people to work to establish secure voting networks connected to voters homes so we can be truthfully informed, conduct elections, communicate with each other and our elected representatives, and decide all matters of taxation and public policy. We simply won't survive unless we take all the money out of politics, and elect well-compensated highly qualified nonpartisan professional government managers to represent us, instead of partisan politicians who abdicate their responsibility and value personal power more than democracy.

Troubling appointments
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
February 2, 2009

It is unsettling to see that President Obama is appointing people, with histories of character flaws and less than responsible behavior in previous public service, to the highest offices of the people's business. Indeed, it is even more troubling that the President's nominations are being rubber-stamped by the Democrat-controlled Senate, particularly in these perilous times exacerbated by a failing economy.

Economic stimulus package is government growth
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
February 3, 2009

The $819 billion House stimulus package is already heading for $900 billion in the Senate, where cooler heads have been replaced by a rush to socialism. That means most of the stimulus in the bill will be designated for the growth of government, not in the private sector. Cutting taxes and wasteful spending are the best ways to simulate the economy now. Not sitting on $billions for temporary infrastructure jobs and delays until the government-caused recession turns to government-caused inflation.

Throwing money and jobs at green alternative energy is one thing. But until green energy is cost efficient, it would only serve to exacerbate energy costs and the cost of living. Indeed, the way government can stimulate the economy and ensure our economic future and security is the immediate development of our domestic energy resources of oil, gas, coal and nuclear. Without unreasonable environmental interference. Then get out of the way.

Punishing tax discrimination against smokers
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
February 5, 2009

President Obama signed the SCHIP bill, which is supposed to insure 4.1 million children at a cost of $32.8 billion, paid for by a large increase in cigarette taxes. The problem is, it is a punishing tax on 50 million beleaguered smokers, most of whom are low income people, who will be paying for the health insurance of children of middle income families, immigrant children and pregnant mothers.

It's blatant discrimination against a class of people, and it will take a 50 percent increase, or about 25 million new smokers to pay for it. That, of course, will take another increase in the tax. Certainly, this legislation could have been diverted to replace pork in the $900 billion stimulus bill rather than targeting only smokers to pay for it. Obviously, smokers' side of the issue is being ignored and simply doesn't matter.

Tobacco tax unfair
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
January 18, 2009

The House of Representatives' approval of a large tobacco tax increase to fund healthcare for children is simply another tax move against beleaguered smokers, most of whom are low income people who can least afford it. It's bad enough that anti-smoking zealots have discriminated against smokers as social outcasts, holding them up to public hatred, ridicule and humiliation.

But to attack a class of people with punishing taxes to pay for non-smoking related healthcare and other hot-button programs that have little or nothing to do with smoking is simply wrong. President Bush was right to veto an unfair tax on low-income smokers to pay for middle-income people's healthcare for children. President Obama should do the same.

Give Congress the hook
By Daniel B. Jeffs
January 13, 2009

With few exceptions, over the past eight decades members of Congress and presidents entered the political stage, sold voters an ideological bill of goods, invited the people to participate in a progressive medicine show of irresponsibility and greed, and skimmed the profits to remain in office.

We are the stockholders in this inept, overgrown corporation of America on the verge of bankruptcy. Clearly, it's time to downsize and reorganize, California branch included.

Indeed, the miserable state of the union and the economy is clear and convincing evidence that the two-party system has self-corrupted the purpose of government, and compromised the Constitution. The only solution is to give bad actors the hook, close the curtain, and do an overhaul.

Letter to Los Angeles Times
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
January 16, 2009

Re: Child healthcare bill clears House - A18
January 16, 2008

Tobacco tax tyranny against smokers

House Democrats' legislation to increase the federal tax on cigarettes by 61 cents to $1 a pack to pay for child healthcare is misguided, shameful and disappointing. Smokers have been so demonized and held up to public hatred and ridicule that we are easy targets for punishing taxation.

The issue is that states want and use their tobacco tax and the $246 billion in settlement revenues for almost everything but smoking related health problems. California's Proposition 10, and the proposed federal tobacco tax to fund children's healthcare are prime examples of the fraud perpetrated against beleaguered smokers.

Regardless, smoking is publicly unpopular and the subject of tax tyranny and discrimination against a class of over 40 million people, most of whom are Democrat constituents having incomes of less than $30, 000 and who can least afford it.

Anti-smoking zealots have falsely conditioned public perception of smoking to blame tobacco as the leading cause of lung cancer, heart and respiratory disease. The facts are otherwise. Air pollution, diesel emissions and other smog ingredients are the leading cause of that destructive distinction, not tobacco.

Waxman, Pelosi & Boxer - California wrecking crew
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
December 1, 2008

Re: California gains clout in Congress
The Nation - A14 - Los Angeles Times

The seating of Henry Waxman on the throne of the House Energy and Commerce Committee does not bode well for the economic health and welfare of the country.

Coupled with Barbara Boxer, chair of the Senate environment committee, the California wrecking crew will undoubtedly unleash reckless jurisdiction over energy, the environment, consumer protection, telecommunications and health care programs. Which, if unchecked, will likely break the back of our seriously wounded economy.

The nation and our state will surely be diminished by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other lawmakers from California. Indeed, they are certainly no strangers to the aggressive environmentalist ideology in their beleaguered state. The place where intrusive, inept government is pioneered at the expense of the population.

Of course, most of what California and America really need is either missing from, or the antithesis of, California's activist Democratic Party agenda.

Waxman and Pelosi: California wrecking crew
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
November 24, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama's sweeping proposals will be exacerbated by the seating of Henry Waxman on the throne of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which does not bode well for economic health and welfare of the nation.

Coupled with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Left Coast wrecking crew will undoubtedly unleash reckless jurisdiction over energy, the environment, consumer protection, telecommunications and health care programs, which, if unchecked, will surely break the back of our seriously wounded economy.

Indeed, Thanksgiving will clearly be diminished by Waxman and Pelosi, who are certainly no strangers to aggressive training in their beleaguered state of California, where intrusive, inept government is pioneered at the expense of the population.