DDC Columnist
To give a little credence to my rantings and ravings, I'll briefly describe my credentials: I served in the "TIN CAN" NAVY with Admiral "Bull" Halsey's 7th fleet in the South Pacific. I hoboed, raced motorcycles, owned two taverns, and two aero-space machine shops. I retired in 1992 after many years of manufacturing management and a separate career in industrial engineering. My retirement castle is located in the Mojave Desert. A room full of computers, six neutered cats, and a lotta lizards make my Paradise complete.

This lazy old desert rat was the publisher, and wrote many articles and features for the California Writers' Club newsletter, The "INK SLINGERS." The California Writers' Club was founded in 1909 by Jack London and Austin Lewis. It currently hosts over one thousand members; And I wrote a weekly column in our local newspaper from 1999 to 2003.


I, like my father before me, am a confirmed Deist. I believe in a creator and natural law, but not a personal God, an interventionist who relates to our daily lives. Being a firm believer in natural law, I find it difficult to tolerate people who break that law; and many do.

My writing -- novels, short stories, and commentary on political and social issues reflect my sincere desire for the human race to behave.

I also have a couple of personality quirks: they are avid curiosity and extreme skepticism. When I read statements of facts, I am driven to verify those facts. Example: Jules Verne's classic, "Twenty Thousand Leagues beneath the Sea" When I read the title, I said, "No Way!" I did the math and found that twenty thousand leagues would take me completely through the earth and over half-way to the moon.

In helping my Daughter get her Master's Degree, two courses were Philosophy and Astronomy; I found them to be linked and also unbelievable. So I prepared the following presentation: Click on Questions

My stories correct some of the inequities -- justice is always done; hopefully, in weird and entertaining ways, and my columns reflect my opinion and the DDC bears no responsibility for my rantings and ravings.

To read my novels and short stories visit the reading room in my website THE HERMIT'S CAVE