- The economic recession will be deepened by Democrat Party rule of Congress and the Presidency by creating absurd economic stimulus packages, most of which are in fact promotions of the liberal agenda and special interest paybacks, which will result in extensive government growth and waste, and an economic depression.

- The only difference between greedy capitalism and greedy socialism is that capitalism produces jobs, innovation, technology, advances in science, goods and services, wealth and prosperity. Socialism produces little more than insecurity, misery and suffering.

- The nation is in the grip of an environmental green monster that will kill our energy resources and replace them with costly alternatives that will raise the cost of living beyond all reason.

- The grossly inept and ideological federal government and many state governments (California) have become an increasing burden on over-taxed, over-regulated Americans, which will soon become unbearable and intolerable.

THE SOLUTION: Stimulate the economy and democracy