How Public Schools Lie to Parents and Betray Our Children
Author: Joel Turtel
Publisher: Liberty Books
March 2005

Joel Turtel is an education policy analyst and author of "The Welfare State: No Mercy For the Middle Class." He lives in New York State.

From the Publisher
Parents, what if your local public school is a menace to your child's mind, education, and future? What if public schools are hopelessly beyond repair and simply cannot give your children the education they need and deserve?

Do you have children who do poorly in school or are bored or frustrated with school? In contrast to what most public-school officials will tell you, in most cases the problem lies with the schools, not with your children. It turns out that millions of children, including yours, have good reasons to hate public school, reasons that you as a parent should not ignore.

In his hard-hitting new book, "Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents and Betray Our Children," Joel Turtel argues that public schools have become so dangerous and such a waste of time for America's children, that parents should vote with their feet and look elsewhere to educate their kids.

In "Public Schools, Public Menace," the author reveals:

Turtel explains why parents should think seriously about taking their children out of public school, permanently. Children don't have to suffer through 12 years of a mind-numbing, third-rate public-school education. "Public Schools, Public Menace" explores and gives a detailed Resource list of many quality, low-cost education alternatives that parents can take advantage of right now, from accredited Internet schools and computer learning software to inexpensive learn-to-read and learn-math books and home-schooling.

He also shows parents how home-schooling can be a lot easier, less costly, and less time-consuming than they might think.

Joel Turtel is an education policy analyst and author of "The Welfare State: No Mercy For the Middle Class." He lives in New York State.

From The Critics

Samuel L. Blumenfeld - Syndicated columnist, author of "Homeschooling: A Parent's Guide To Teaching Children," and author of seven other books on education and public schools,
"This is an excellent, thoroughly documented and detailed exposition of what's wrong with the public schools. The author makes it clear that parents have a responsibility to make sure that their children get a good education, which is no longer to be had in a government school. His chapters on the widespread drugging of children by the "educators" and the negative affects of such medication should be read by every parent with a child in a public school. What can parents do about it? The author outlines the benefits of homeschooling, which is no doubt the best alternative to the public schools available to parents. How can a parent homeschool if he or she has to work? The author addresses that problem and provides some very creative suggestions. If you are a parent wrestling with the problem of education for your children, this book is for you. It's also for the average taxpayer who's been wondering what the educators have been doing with the billions of dollars they get. They certainly don't educate."

Dr. Laura Schlessinger - Internationally syndicated Radio talk host, and author of: "Stupid Things Parents Do To Their Kids",
"This book is a must-read for every parent. It is sad but true that the public school system in America threatens the values of families and the welfare of students. It is for that reason that Dr. James Dobson and I urge parents to take their children out of public school and either home-school or find private, traditionally religious schools."

A reviewer, 08/06/2006

A critically important reference
The American public school system was once the chief mechanism for assimilating children into the mainstream culture and preparing them for lives as adults with respect to employment, patriotism, and civic responsibilities. That mechanism is now broken and seemingly beyond repair. 'Public Schools, Public Menace' reveals how contemporary public schools deceive parents with respect to the quality of the education and personal safety being afforded their children how the public school system's approach to literacy is actually impairing children's ability to read why millions of school children are routinely subjected to mind-altering medications how public schools are indoctrinating children with anti-parent, anti-American, and anti-Judeo/Christian values and offers parents twenty-two specific danger signals alerting them as to when they should remove their children from a public school and seek an alternative for their educational needs. Author Joel Turtel parents quality, low-cost education alternatives that are immediately available to most parents which range from accredited Internet schools, to inexpensive teaching books, to 'user friendly' computer software, to traditional home-schooling, plus tutoring, teaching materials, and college-admission sites. Even parents with low to middle-incomes can provide their children with viable alternatives to the public school. 'Public School, Public Menace' should be required reading for anyone concerned with the present state of public education and is a critically important reference and guide for parents alarmed at what their children are being subjected to in their local community schools.

A reviewer, A parent considering home schooling, 05/09/2005
Beware of Public Schools
How Public Schools Endanger Our Kids, May 9, 2005 Reviewer:
Ellen Graye (Philadelphia) At last, someone has said it! The author has brilliantly examined our public schools and proclaimed rightly that these wretched, government-controlled schools are 'beyond repair.' With devastating facts and clear logic, Joel Turtel showed me the seamy underside of public schools. He explains how these schools hurt children in ways I had never known before. I was shocked and appalled at what this book revealed about these schools. The author made me understand why our children's reading, writing, and math skills keep getting worse every year. The book explains how public schools dumb-down our kids with idiotic teaching methods like the anti-phonics whole-language reading method that cripples children's ability to read. He shows how these schools warp children's values and sometimes force shocking sex-education books and videos on innocent children in so-called sex-education classes, usually without parents' consent or knowledge. I was shocked at the chapter that showed how public-school officials coerce parents into giving their children mind-altering drugs like Ritalin for children who 'don't pay attention' in class or fidget in their seats because these bright children are bored-to-death with their classes or teachers. And I never realized how anti-parent these schools really are, and how they try to indoctrinate kids with anti-religion and anti-American ideas. I had always thought that with enough money, these schools could be 'fixed' and finally made to give our kids a decent education. The author explains why public schools can't be fixed --- because they are a government monopoly that gets its students and its money to operate by force, by compulsory attendance laws and school taxes. He shows how this government education monopoly, like any monopoly, turns these schools into arrogant and insulated education prisons for our kids. The author also attacks teacher licensing, tenure, and dozens of other 'sacred cows' of the education establishment. Finally, the second half of this book is really positive. It shows parents how they can take their kids out of public school and give them a great education at home. I didn't realized all the education options parents have today. But the author explains about the new, low-cost Internet schools, home-schooling, and many other resources parents have today. He even has a Resource section in the book where he lists Internet school sites, home-schooling resource sites, parent networking group sites, and much more. He shows parents how they can educate their kids at home using these Internet schools, the computer, the Internet, low-cost instruction books, public libraries, and much more. Even more important, I loved the way he answered typical parents' fears about taking the scary step of home-schooling. The author talks about parents' most common fears and questions about home-schooling, and gives parents many resources to help them gain the confidence to home-school their kids. The book even shows parents with only high-school diplomas twenty-two ways they can home-school their kids, even if they have full-time jobs. This is a wonderful, brilliant book that every parent should read. Any parent who worries about the terrible education their kids are getting in public school, and wants something better for their kids, should read this book.

Also recommended: No Mercy For the Middle Class by Joel Turtel

A reviewer, a parent with two kids, 05/09/2005
Taking My kids out of Public SchoolPUBLIC SCHOOLS, PUBLIC MENACE
I learned why I had to take my kids out of public school, May 9, 2005 Reviewer: Harold V. (Chicago) This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the education of our children. This sorely needed book is a wonderful support for a parent like me who was debating whether to home-school our kids. Before reading the book, I had some misgivings about our local public schools. However, after reading this book, I discovered how harmful these schools can be for my kids. I had no idea about the Ritalin drug problems, the stupid anti-phonics reading method, and anti-Christian values taught in public schools, etc. This book gave me the courage and ammunition I needed to get my wife to agree to join me in home-schooling our children. Harold V.

Also recommended: No Mercy for the Middle Class by Joel Turtel

What People Are Saying
"Public Schools, Public Menace is a great resource for any parents who are interested in better education for their children. It is written with passion and insight."
-M.D. author of: "A Choice For Our Children: Curing the Crisis in America's Schools"

- Alan Bonsteel