Local Government

It is said that all politics is local. Likewise, all government should be local, and limited.
Daniel B. Jeffs, founder The Direct Democracy Center

VV Daily Press
March 29, 2015

AV Ranchos Water

Without naming names, liberal letter-writers who do little more than attack conservative letter-writers, and complain about the Daily Press, fail to appreciate the fact their letters are regularly published. The Daily Press is fair and balanced in that regard, unlike most liberal newspapers who seldom, if ever, publish conservative viewpoints. Being ungrateful is simply childish.

That aside, the main point of my letter is the issue of the Town of Apple Valley purchasing Ranchos Water. It appears to be somewhat of a toss-up. Our family has resided in Apple Valley since 1977. In balance, Apple Ranchos Water Company has performed well. Their rates have been fair, the system is well-maintained, and the company has been reliable including contracts and jobs.

Though the Town of Apple Valley has performed very well since incorporation, the Town’s purchase of the company is questionable with too many unknowns. What is known is that too many municipalities that have taken over water companies have been abject failures. At this point I would say no to such a deal. Regardless, before the Town moves ahead with it, property-owning consumers should be allowed to vote on a matter of this importance to all residents.

Daniel B. Jeffs
Apple Valley

San Bernardino Sun
January 29, 2013

A liberal plague

Gov. Brown has certainly found himself between a rock and a hard place in dealing with federal court edicts to comply with our state prison system's self-imposed problems and a self-inflicted budget crisis.

Indeed, the governor's prison realignment of shifting prisoners to county jails, early releases, and fighting the liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals intended release of 9,000 serious criminals, is simply another side-effect of California's liberal plague, which leaves us in even more danger -- added to our children miseducated at great expense, our economy in decay, and our taxes and the cost of living steadily rising.

If it were not for California setting the bar for government growth, the selfish interests of state correction officer and teacher unions, costly and unnecessary environmental extremes, and inviting illegal aliens to take advantage of health, education, welfare and housing benefits to increase the Democrat base -- regardless of the criminal alien and gang invasion -- there would be no criminal justice, prison system or budget crisis.

Coupled with inviting more federal intrusion on state's rights, a reckless Democrat supermajority in the legislature, and regulatory madness, our state is surely headed for disaster.

Alas, the conservative cure, of course, has always been available but ignored: Very limited government, less taxation and regulation, more personal and property rights, and stimulated free enterprise.

Daniel B. Jeffs
Apple Valley

Daily Press/Apple Valley Review
January 15, 2013

Letter of appreciation for Don Holland

Don Holland has done an outstanding job as editor of the Daily Press for the past 11 years, as evidenced by the newspaper's comprehensive coverage of local, state and national news events and issues, and the personal touch of establishing the enlightening weekly Apple Valley Review.

Moreover, under Don Holland's direction and guidance, readers have been assured of the utmost journalistic objectivity, honesty and integrity in looking out for the best interests of High Desert residents and businesses.

Though it was saddening to read that Don will be leaving the Daily Press, it is heartening to know that he will be assuming the position of special assistant to our newly elected 1st District Supervisor, Robert Lovingood. Mr. Holland is much appreciated and he will be sorely missed.

As a long time High Desert resident since 1967, a resident of Apple Valley since 1977, retired from 34 years of service with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and Public Defender's Office -- and a former Grand Jury member -- I can attest to the fact that County government has endured deeply troubling times, and that the 1st District has been overall lacking in responsible representation for many years -- alas, since Bill Betterley.

Indeed, I am confident that Supervisor Lovingood, aided by Don Holland, will be a dynamic duo and a long overdue breath of fresh air for the District and the County under the most difficult of circumstances. Particularly, with the County's checkered history, the state of our economy, and the enormous burdens of overwhelming state and federal government empires -- which are long overdue for a Libertarian-style cleanout.

Daniel B. Jeffs
Apple Valley