A Look Into The Mirror

Throughout the History of this great Nation, we have allowed ourselves to become involved in fifteen wars and police actions all over this globe.

And here at home, during the average year, forty-eight thousand of our young people 23-35 are dying from accidents, homicide and suicide. Disease takes another ten thousand.

If we continue along this path, World War Three will be a replay of the almost, thousand year-old Crusades. The History and culture of the region now occupied by the Arab Nations originated four- thousand years before the birth of Christ. If you think the Arab culture is cruel and barbaric, you only have to read the origin of their legal system - the Laws of Hammuradi to gain some partial understanding.

The War of The Crusades. lasted over two-hundred years and accomplished nothing of value. The reason being that the Christians of Europe were trying to get the totally different culture of the Muslims to accept Christianity and change their lifestyle. Currently, we are trying to do the same thing. The Crusaders were more honest about their cause. We hide behind the guise of Human Rights, Human Dignity and the politics of Democracy. While in actuality we have many other reasons.

From the New York Times:
"Rather than uprooting terrorists, what the American intervention in and occupation of Iraq has done is to create fertile ground for the recruitment of fanatics. And contrary to the utterings of the Bush Administration about spreading democracy, the US cannot claim the moral high ground in its dealings with the people of the Middle East. The fact is that over the years, it has taken contradictory positions in order to secure its strategic political and economic interests.

It has installed ruling elites in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and other smaller states in order to get control of cheap oil, and orchestrated the overthrow of regimes that dared to interrupt its plans. When it felt threatened by radical Muslims in Iran, Saddam Hussein's tyrannical actions were overlooked and his regime was armed with weapons of mass destruction. As the Iranian threat was downgraded it was time to castrate Saddam, and he obliged by invading Kuwait.

No greater contradiction can be found than Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of 9/11. He too was once an ally of the USA, having been trained and armed to fight Soviet 'infidels' in the Afghanistan war of the 1980s. In that war, a guerilla network was established and funded by the USA with Pakistan acting as its agent. That network later became the base for worldwide terrorist activity with the USA as the main target. When Osama and his band were on America's side it was alright for them to occupy Afghan territory."

The above is what we see if we take off the blinders and take an honest look into that mirror.

Now turn around an take an honest look at the possibility of real security in this country - a country with thousands of miles of open borders, coastlines and unguarded infrastructure. We are a free society with the ability to travel anywhere we choose. We have thousands of undocumented aliens roving around at will. Haven't you ever wondered why Al Queda hasen't carried out their many threats against us here at home?

We have thousands of miles of power-lines, railroad tracks and waterway that are easily accessable and impossible to guard. A co-ordinated attack on all three would shut this nation down and creat chaos. Osama Bin Laden knows this, but has chosen not to. Why? Because we are the largest customer of the League of Arab Nations, and if he did, they wouldn't give him refuge and support.

These threats and the sure knowledge that we are helpless to stop it from happening are designed to force us to withdraw from the Middle-East and take our exploiting, business interests with us.

The turnover of Sovereignty to an Iraqi Government and security to NATO and the UN, gives us an excellent chance to get the hell out of the area and avert World War Three. Our allies are only there because we pressured them. They will leave if we do. We should do it even if we have to replace those in opposition. Then concentrate on some of the problems on the home front.