The Blood Of Heros

In October of 2002, after hearing all the nay-sayers whining about going to war to fight against terrorism, (and to protect our interests and defend our allies) I wondered; how exactly do we defend and maintain our freedom then? If not by the violent destruction of those who would threaten us, then by what means? There comes a time when even peace loving people have to fight.

It seemed to me that far too many of us had forgotten the real issue in all of this - the people. More precisely, the American people - our Founding Fathers, our veterans, our military, our civil servants and even regular folk - those who have died or could die in the service of this country - in establishing, protecting and maintaining our freedom. If this isn't enough of a reason to go anywhere to fight anyone - to preserve the American way of life - then what is there left on this earth that matters at all? God help us!

I made 'Blood of Heroes' to remind people that everything we enjoy in America today is the result of someone's sacrifice, that it is constantly threatened - and that it is still worth fighting for. Not a lighthearted thought, indeed. Hopefully, this site will remind us all of the human cost that has been paid for our freedom, our safety and our luxury. A price paid not just so you and I can vote and pray, but also so we can sit on the couch, watching TV, having 30 minute pizzas delivered to our doors. Even if you don't vote or pray, there is still plenty left worth fighting for. Think about that. With all the invective about "blood for oil", we are not only justified in going to war - we were obligated to do it - and to do it in every place on this earth that ever poses a threat to the American way of life. It isn't blood for oil. It's blood for freedom - the blood of our heroes. We owe it to them... and we owe it to our children. Period.

We are lucky to live in the United States of America - and this privilege didn't come cheap.

Our Founding Fathers were not cowards. They made immense sacrifices to establish this Great Nation in freedom - not the least of which was going to war with the enemy of that freedom. All of those who have fought in the subsequent wars and conflicts and those who are fighting today have continued to make sacrifices in order to defend those original ideals. Even now, our civil servants, particularly Firefighters and Police, are making sacrifices to maintain the quality of our lives in this freedom.

If you are not willing to do everything in your power to defend this Great Nation, even taking up arms if it is necessary, then who will? If you will not defend America, that is your choice - but sit in silence and do not criticize those brave and valiant individuals who have the sense of duty, the measure of courage and the determination of heart to protect America... and, I might add, your cowardly soul.

Some have written with criticism. One person said they thought that including the photo of the woman falling from the building was in poor taste. Well, I am sorry you feel that way, but reality isn't always pretty. That woman really did jump - and so did hundreds of others.

Yes, the photos are offensive - not because they are graphic in nature - but because of what they represent. None of them are even close, visually speaking, to the level of violence on any major network during prime time. When I hear people make this charge, what I really hear them saying is 'I can't handle reality, I need to be in denial.' Well fine then, go back to sleep Virginia. Brave men will protect you. Just stop criticizing them for doing it the only way they know how, even if it is ugly.

Some people would have us forget that a heavy price has been paid so that we can live in comfort and security, barely even noticing the reality of the world around us. But that privilege didn't just fall out of a box - it was established in blood. The fact that you are comfortable is no reason to take it for granted. On September 11, 2001 - taking it for granted was no longer an option.

I am sorry if you feel that the depiction of actual events should be watered down into some kind of a Hallmark Card event, just so you can feel more comfortable. That kind of logic dictates that we may as well forget the whole thing. Sorry, not here. Not now. Not ever! If we cannot remember this for what it really is, then why remember it at all?

I dare not take any real credit for this presentation. After all, it is only significant because of what it showcases. All I did was take someone else's photos, someone else's quotes and someone else's music and put it all together to try and remind us all of something we should never forget anyway.

The email link is not here for my benefit, but only because I would hate to miss the opportunity to share this with even more people. Many viewers have contacted me through email to ask if they could have a copy to show at gatherings for emergency and military personnel, in their churches and at their schools. That is a huge blessing to me as it means even more people will be reminded.

I hope you will take a few moments to reflect on what we have and who paid for it. Look up and thank God that you live free in a nation that is blessed by Him and defended by heroes.

Romans 5:8,9

May God continue to bless America and all who defend her.

Fly the flag.