By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
March 21, 2009

President Obama says he has a blueprint for real and lasting prosperity in America (that will cost taxpayers $3.6 trillion for the 2009/2010 budget year with a $1.2 trillion deficit) and he has re-activated his unprecedented campaign machine to sell us his overall agenda for more and more.

Without going through the additional pain of reviewing our social, political and ECONOMIC TRAIN WRECK, it must be pointed out that we simply won't survive this without re-examining and re-evaluating ourselves in order to revive and restore common sense in our lives, in our society and to our country.

How and when did we lose so much common sense in our society? The counter cultural revolution that began over two generations ago turned our culture upside down and inside out, then slowly eroded common sense, replaced it with moral relativism, selfish interests, irresponsibility, and our own brand of government growth and dependency.

Which resulted in the insidious afflictions of a media-driven, celebrity-obsessed superficial society, replete with a no-fault public education, factories of ignorance and warehouses of politically correct indoctrination, reconstruction of history, social aggression, and extremes. Which in turn resulted in the unintended consequences of the massive failures of good intentions, the loss of direction and responsibility, and above all, the loss of COMMON SENSE!

Most didn't really lose it, just misplaced it all the excitement, fear and confusion. Therefore, in the tradition of Thomas Paine's January 10, 1776 "Common Sense," it's time to either find it, or lose the free will to use it. It's amazing how much difference 233 years can make.