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by Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC

James Fox, our DDC columnist, recently passed away from cancer. I met Jim years ago at the local chapter of the California Writer's Club. We became friends and I learned that he was talented with computers and the establishment of web sites. Jim agreed to establish my website, The Direct Democracy Center:

Jim made it basic and simple, and for many years maintained the website, until he was stricken with cancer and was unable to carry on. Fortunately, Jim trained his grandson, James McClane to maintain the site without interruption. For that, I am eternally grateful. "Jimmy" has carried on for "Grandpa" Fox and will continue to do so.

Though Jim and I did not agree on some social, political and economic issues, I always welcomed his learned opinions to be posted on his DDC pages. Those pages will remain on the website, along to links to his own sites. I encourage visitors to read his pages. Indeed, Jim has made valuable contributions, which I will always remember, along with fond memories of my friend, Jim Fox, the man.