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Wall Street Journal

February 19, 2015


Re: Our plan for countering violent extremism

By John Kerry


President Obama’s designated community organizer for the world, Secretary of State, John Kerry keeps the failed, cowardly propaganda going.


Contrary to President Obama’s naïve experience with community organizing, his feckless global summit focusing on the empowerment of local communities to counter the violent extremism of ISIS, al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists with social justice, strong leadership, families, opportunity, education, economic improvement and jobs is simply ludicrous.


Certainly, decades of the failed war on poverty and community organizing resulted in the unresolved liberal government’s proliferation of disorganized, disoriented, irresponsible welfare neighborhoods, miseducation, single mothers, absent fathers, drugs, gangs, violent crime and perpetual anger in vulnerable American communities, which are living proof that it doesn’t work.


Alas, it’s become painfully clear that President Obama has abdicated his role as the free world leader against radical Islamic terrorism by allowing the not holy, but unholy war by evil savages against the good world to proliferate. Indeed, the unintended consequence of the failures of good intentions is not an option against terrorists bent on world domination. It’s intentional insanity.



Wall Street Journal

February 14, 2015


Re: No Water for You – editorial

WSJ, February 14, 2015


Federal and state courts and government violate Constitution


The 2-14-2015 WSJ editorial, ‘No Water for You’ editorial of support is encouraging to Southern California property owners who paid for and maintain the California Water Project, which was constructed to provide Sacramento Delta Northern California water resources to millions of water users in Southern California – particularly, after suffering  years of drought conditions.


However, even after the recent rains, the man-made drought continues because of the Natural Resources Defense Council extremists and a federal judge cutting water supplies nearly in half to protect the tiny Delta Smelt fish at the expense of human health and welfare. Of course this has resulted in the constant and unnecessary dumping millions of acre-feet of fresh water into the sea, which should have been going to quench the thirst of farms and water users in Central and Southern California.


As a 2007/2008 county grand jury member of a Southern California county, my committee investigated county water resources from several California Water Project contractors among those who service water contracts from the Project throughout Southern California. As a result of my investigation, I was clearly outraged by the fact that the federal judge and other state water authorities have seriously and continuously violated the Constitution’s prohibition of government interference with private contracts.


Indeed, is should be strongly suggested that the California Water Project Contractors Association and/or property owner users -- of which I am one -- file federal lawsuits to restore all Project water resources cut off by the federal court at the behest of extremist groups and supported by state and federal officials. The Constitution certainly demands it.




February 7, 2015


Re: Brian Williams loses credibility with 'mistake'


Dishonest news media and government


It was certainly a relief to read USA TODAY’S front page account of NBC News anchor, Brian Williams’ dishonest account of nearly losing his life while reporting from the Iraq war 12 years ago that finally caught up with him, causing him to step down from the Nightly News after the network announced an overdue investigation into the unseemly matter.


Nevertheless, lying about such things -- similar to Hillary Clinton’s false account of being shot at -- are tantamount to committing journalist and political misdemeanors, which is unconscionable.


Indeed, peddling feigned images to gain false courage and stature simply fortifies the American people’s growing distrust of news media and government, both of which are vital to our freedoms and security.


Lest we forget, it was legendary news reporter and anchor, Dan Rather whose political rancor got the best of him when making false accusations against President George W. Bush in a blatant personal attack, which was a journalistic felony that cost his career.


Alas, NBC News was once our news source of choice before they betrayed all of us by failing to hold President Obama and his shady administration to account. Brian Williams should step down and out of journalism permanently, and NBC should finally get their act together before it’s too late….  



VV Daily Press

February 5, 2015

Commentary submission


President Obama vs. America


In the deadly hostile environment of ISIS, al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists, it has become painfully clear that President Obama is covering his arrogant ineptness and refusal to deal with the imminent dangers to our national security by insulting the intelligence of the American people.


Indeed, since when did Taliban terrorists -- controlling Afghanistan and joining with Osama bin-Laden’s al-Qaeda to plot and carry out the 9/11 attacks on America -- become insurgents?


The answer is simple:  Since the president traded 5 top level Taliban terrorists for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an American deserter and traitor who collaborated with the Taliban for 5 years, costing the lives of 5 of our troops searching for him. Since President Obama surrendered Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Middle East to Iran and the radical Islamic Jihad against all non-conforming Muslims, Israel, America and the West.


Surely, Mr. Obama’s Taliban prisoner exchange intentions were to appease the Taliban – followed by closing Guantanamo and giving it back to Cuba -- suppress Bergdahl’s military prosecution and quietly slip him out of the military with a dishonorable discharge – not to mention ignoring the ongoing Taliban terrorist takeover of nuclear Pakistan, recently costing the lives of 132 school children.


President Obama is the antithesis of a responsible U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief, and he is betraying the American people with his dangerous ineptness, distractions, deceptions, lies, abuse of power machinations and parsing official language – too numerous to include here -- in the blind pursuit of his un-American agenda


Unfortunately, impeachment is not an option for the first black president. Hopefully, America can survive Mr. Obama’s last two years in office. And hopefully, wised-up voters, a reformed media and a Republican president and Congress can undo what Obama/Democrats have wrought upon our society and lead us out of the liberal wilderness to the light of freedom and recovery.




February 3, 2015


Re: USA TODAY Opinion page: Our View, Opposing View and DeWayne Wickham commentary


Today’s news rife with defending Obama tax abuses and cheap shots


Today’s headlines and opinion pages are rife with softball criticism of President Obama’s $4 trillion budget proposal to tax the rich, increase the debt and redistribute the wealth, which is, of course is defended by Vermont’s Independent socialist Senator Bernie Sanders’ commentary.


Then there are reports that the Republican Congress is getting down to business voting to repeal and replace Obamacare, with a promised Senate Democrat filibuster, and Obama veto, including a move to block the GOP on immigration, which fulfills former Senate majority leader – and Obama’s faithful obstructionist lieutenant -- “Dirty” Harry Reid’s continuing duty to the commander-in-chief.


And then there is Columnist DeWayne Wickham’s cheap shot at truth-teller, Bill O’Reilly accusing him of taking a cheap shot at the terrorist-friendly Al Jazeera news network, not to mention adding a cheap shot against Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch. But that’s typical for cheap-shot Wickham’s commentary, particularly by conveniently leaving out the fact the news channel was sold to Al Jazeera by global warming hoax-peddler, Al Gore.


Alas, this reader may be considered by some as taking cheap shots, but not when this citizen is exercising the democracy of criticizing a tax and spend president who is damaging our economy and failing to protect and defend our Constitution and our national security.



Wall Street Journal

January 31, 2015


President Obama is waging war against coal, oil and much more


President Obama and his liberal Democrat culture have been waging war against America since his 2008 election. Clearly, the president’s latest attack against oil by designating 1.5 million oil-rich acres in Alaska a wilderness area, and refusal to approve the Keystone Pipeline -- added to his EPA’s crushing blows against the coal industry -- is painful proof of his campaign promise that our electric bills would necessarily “skyrocket,” in favor of costly and unreliable renewable energy.


Indeed, we now know that when then Senator Obama boldly stated that he was going to fundamentally transform America -- by undermining our freedoms -- he meant it.


Certainly, President Obama and his Democrat Congress undermined our economic freedoms with his national healthcare, ObamaCareless Act, and the Dodd Frank finance legislation. Worse, Mr. Obama’s foreign policy and feckless war against terrorism has put our nation at extreme risk, particularly by playing into the feigned negotiating hands of the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran while they develop nuclear weapons and expand their influence throughout the Middle East – with little or no resistance.  


Surely, President Obama blatantly lied in his 2015 State of the Union speech when he said that he had no more campaigns to run, when in fact he has never stopped campaigning, and won’t stop during his last two years in office. The question is, how much more damage will he inflict upon us? Fortunately, Congress is now controlled by Republicans, albeit subject to Mr. Obama’s veto. Hopefully, the presidency will go to a Republican in 2016 instead of incompetent Hillary Clinton – a poor choice for the first woman president – as it sadly was for the first black president.


Alas, America is steeped in uncertainty from being assaulted by big government, abuse of power, regulations taxation and debt – and battered by the failures of good intentions. Hopefully, the Republican Party will nominate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, with an articulate running-mate such as Sen. Rubio or Gov. Huckabee. Governor Walker is an honest man with high integrity, state executive experience, and he will be strong for our society, our economy and our national security.


Certainly, our freedoms, our future, our security and democracy are in the hands of our fellow voters – a voter nation of fools -- until we took control of the House in 2010, slipped back to President Obama in 2012 – then took control of the Senate in 2014. We will need Walker in 2016, to pick up the pieces, recover and move on to liberty and prosperity.  



Los Angeles Times

January 27, 2015


Netanyahu should address Congress: Israel imperiled by Iran nukes


House Speaker John Boehner did the right thing by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress. Indeed, President Obama’s lengthy negotiations with devious Iran are simply a foolish exercise in futility against Iran’s continued pursuit of developing nuclear weapons.


Clearly, it is well-known and understood that Iran is on a declared mission to eliminate Israel with a nuclear attack, which has been frequently pointed out by Prime Minister Netanyahu. And clearly, Iran intends to attack the United States, dominate the Middle East and carry on an intensified Jihad against the West and all non-believers.


Though President Obama rattles (rubber) swords of all options against Iran’s deadly pursuit, he dangerously insists on diplomatic negotiations without increasing economic sanctions, which are the only things that work against Iran. Discouraging Congress from increasing sanctions, and Israel from taking any pre-emptive military action is ludicrous.


Attention, President Obama: Coupled with the growing insanity of ISIS and the fall of Yemen to al-Qaeda, Iran and Islamic extremists are on a deadly course to crush Israel, America and the West. Working against Israel’s survival, endangering our country and inviting a nuclear WW III with shallow diplomatic delays is not an option.


Lest we forget, former president Bill Clinton disliked Prime Minister Netanyahu, which cost him re-election and increased the threat to our national security. The same holds true with Mr. Obama reckless behavior, both of whom smack of being anti-Israel -- our only real ally in the Middle East.






The Wall Street Journal

January 22, 2015


Re: Obama, Congress clash on Iran – Front Page


Netanyahu should address Congress: Israel imperiled by Iran nukes


House Speaker John Boehner did the right thing by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress. Indeed, President Obama’s lengthy negotiations with devious Iran are simply a foolish exercise in futility against Iran’s continued pursuit of developing nuclear weapons.


Clearly, it is well-known and understood that Iran is on a declared mission to eliminate Israel with a nuclear attack, which has been frequently pointed out by Prime Minister Netanyahu. And clearly, Iran intends to attack the United States, dominate the Middle East and carry on an intensified Jihad against the West and all non-believers.


Though President Obama rattles (rubber) swords of all options against Iran’s deadly pursuit, he dangerously insists on diplomatic negotiations without increasing economic sanctions, which are the only things that work against Iran. Discouraging Congress from increasing sanctions, and Israel from taking any pre-emptive military action is ludicrous.


Attention, President Obama: Coupled with the growing insanity of ISIS, Islamic extremists are on a deadly course to crush Israel, America and the West. Working against Israel’s survival, endangering our country and inviting WW III with shallow diplomatic delays is not an option.


Lest we forget, former president Bill Clinton disliked Prime Minister Netanyahu, which cost him re-election and increased the threat to our national security. The same holds true with Mr. Obama, both of which smack of being anti-Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East, stupid!



The Wall Street Journal

January 20, 2015


First black and first woman presidents


The 2008 election of Barack Obama as the first black president was hailed by Democrats, the fawning media and others. However, voters can’t say they were not forewarned about Obama’s socialist past and intentions to “fundamentally transform America,” which he has done with an ideological vengeance.


Indeed, with 6 years into Obama’s presidency -- highlighted by his 2015 State of the Union taxation speech – he has made it painfully clear that his intentions and abuse of executive power pursuing socialism are clearly un-American, causing severe damage to the nation’s security, economy, and the people.


Certainly, Barack Obama was one of, if not the worst choices for the first black president. Hopefully, voters will not make the same mistake with the first woman president, which could be Democrat front-runner, Hillary Clinton. Granted, voters might long to return to the reduction in government and the prosperity of Bill Clinton’s presidency of the 90’s – thanks to Newt Gingrich’s Congress and the Contract with America.


Lest we forget, it was President Clinton who caused the 2007-2008 economic housing and financial crash with his blind pursuit of affordable housing. And it was First Lady, Hillary Clinton who secretly attempted to impose national health care on the country – not to mention firing the White House Travel Office staff and replacing them with her Hollywood friends.


Coupled with her poor performances as a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State, that would certainly make her one of, if not the worst choice to be the first woman president. Indeed, two strike-outs against America.



Los Angeles Times

January 18, 2015


Obama and Cameron accelerate Iran nukes


In a joint White House press conference, backed by British Prime minister David Cameron, President Obama vehemently discouraged Congress from increasing sanctions against Iran to further his hapless diplomatic efforts to prevent Iran from continuing its pursuit of nuclear weapons.


However, it has always been known and understood that Iran will negotiate in bad faith to gain time to do what they want, regardless of the consequences, in their history of extreme hatred of Israel, Jews, the United States and the West.


Therefore, President Obama’s reckless behavior, ignoring the success of economic sanctions -- and his opposition to Israel making pre-emptive strikes to prevent Iran from completing their ongoing development of  nuclear weapons – will surely result in Israel taking defensive action when necessary.


Indeed, the worst case scenario would be for Iran to obtain the nukes, use them against Israel -- which would result in activating Israel’s missile defense system and a retaliatory nuclear strikes against Iran, nuclear war and accelerate WW III – which is already underway by the rapid growth of fanatic Islamic terrorists.



Washington Post

January 17, 2015


Obama's free college indoctrination


President Obama’s national program for free community college tuition, like Obamacare and any government program, is not free. Indeed, it costs local, state and federal taxpayers and comes with other strings attached: More curriculum control of the socialism indoctrination of young people, thus more Democrat voters.


Coupled with the president’s unconscionable “Common Core” standards of the indoctrination of elementary and secondary students, government control of student loans -- and the deeply imbedded indoctrination of 4-year colleges, universities and graduate students – America’s miseducation system will surely become completely un-American, with few exceptions.


Clearly, the only solution to this dangerous and corrosive social, political and economic disease is to privatize education – before it’s too late. In a world wrought with terrorism, our freedoms and our survival are at stake….




January 16, 2015


Re: No Oscar diversity

Front Page


President Obama taking on Hollywood


Selma’s nomination for Best Picture notwithstanding, USA TODAY, the Los Angeles Times and other liberal media are supporting President Obama’s tacit dissatisfaction with Hollywood’s Academy Awards for failure to include black actors, directors, writers and others in this year’s major Oscar nominations, which resulted in the president’s black race relations counselor and chief racist extortionist, Al Sharpton to call a summit meeting with Hollywood and demand answers.


Indeed, it doesn’t matter that an abundance of black films were made and released, and that blacks and women have been over-represented in films, television programs and commercials in the Obama era. Clearly, all that matters is that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voters are 94% white and 77% male, who are not towing the line of black superiority in the upper class of untouchable sacred cows regardless of character, talent and ability.


Alas, in marked contrast to under-represented Latinos, a sad state of affairs.  Particularly, with the severe overall lack of quality Hollywood entertainment.







December 31, 2014


New Year’s resolution for the American people


The best New Year’s resolution would be for the American people to resolve to fight-off the socialist cancer metastasizing throughout the body of our society from the attacks against the Founders’ traditional America our Constitution and free markets, the abuse of power by big government – complicit news media and entertainment industry -- to badly misinformed parenting, to students being indoctrinated by the miseducation system in factories of ignorance, to anti-social media, and the relentless spread of mind-numbing propaganda and criminal behavior. Indeed, 2015 should be embraced by getting our lives together for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness -- and the defense of our domestic and national security freedom.



Wall Street Journal

December 20, 2014


Re: The Cuban regime is a defeated foe

By Peggy Noonan


Peggy Noonan is wrong. The Cuban regime is not a defeated foe. They now have President Obama breathing new life into the Communist state sponsor of terrorism. Senator Rubio is correct: President Obama betrays America for Castro


President Obama’s reckless move to normalize relations with Cuba comes as no surprise. Indeed, considering the prisoner exchange, his next move will probably be to clear out Guantanamo and give it back to the Communist country. Either way, together with granting amnesty for 5-20 million illegal immigrants and leaving our border open to more – including criminals and terrorists -- Mr. Obama is increasing the threat to our country.


Coupled with the president’s disastrous record of allowing terrorism to expand in power throughout the Middle East with ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood -- surrendering to the Taliban, Russia’s aggression, being negative toward Israel, and ignoring Iran’s deceit to create nuclear weapons -- President Obama is surely toying with terrorism and turning an intentional blind eye to our nation’s overall national security.


Certainly, making deals with the devil comes easy to President Obama. Who’s next, North Korea? With just over two years left in his second term, the president is accelerating his unconscionable agenda to divide and weaken America – and to punish our nation for what he perceives as past crimes – regardless of the consequences. Hopefully, with a Republican Congress and Republican elected president in 2016, the tide will turn back to a safer, more prosperous and stable America as it was meant to be.




December 19, 2014


Sony gets it wrong, like most of Hollywood


Sony’s movie, “The Interview,” a stupid comedy depicting the attempt assassination of North Korea’s leader is not funny, but comes a no surprise. Indeed, the only surprise was North Korea’s hacker attack on Sony and the threats against airing the movie that resulted in Sony’s surrender.


It’s unconscionable enough that liberal Democrats and news media constantly compromise CIA and special operations, exacerbated by President Obama’s surrender of America’s national security in his half-hearted war on terror -- and his latest betrayal: diplomatic relations with Castro’s Communist Cuba.


Hollywood’s greedy arrogance simply makes it worse by depicting government operations and the CIA dancing with danger and toying with terrorism, which is widespread in movies and television series, such as Showtime’s “Homeland,” HBO’s “Newsroom,” CBS’s “NCIS” series, and NBC’s “Blacklist” and “Madam Secretary,” followed by “State of Affairs.”



Wall Street Journal

December 18, 2014


Senator Rubio is correct: President Obama betrays America for Castro


President Obama’s reckless move to normalize relations with Cuba comes as no surprise. Indeed, considering the prisoner exchange, his next move will probably be to clear out Guantanamo and give it back to the Communist country. Either way, together with granting amnesty for 5-20 million illegal immigrants and leaving our border open to more – including criminals and terrorists -- Mr. Obama is increasing the threat to our country.


Coupled with the president’s disastrous record of allowing terrorism to expand in power throughout the Middle East with ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood -- surrendering to the Taliban, Russia’s aggression, being negative toward Israel, and ignoring Iran’s deceit to create nuclear weapons -- President Obama is surely toying with terrorism and turning an intentional blind eye to our nation’s overall national security.




December 14, 2014


Race relations in America


After decades of progress, race relations are obviously worse since President Obama was elected and became an imperial president, to the extent of giving African-Americans an arrogant superiority complex and/or being treated as sacred cows in the Obama era. Indeed, Hollywood and advertisers have responded by over-representing blacks in films, television and commercials.


Worse, racial protests, demonstrations, rioting, arson and looting have been exacerbated by President Obama, his aggressively radical race counselor, Al Sharpton, indoctrinated college students and the complicit news media -- touched off by the Travon Martin case -- then magnified by the Michael Brown and Eric Garner death cases at the hands of police -- who were not indicted by local grand juries.


Race relations will certainly deteriorate even further as the protests continue and grow throughout the country, invading streets, highways and freeways, blocking traffic and endangering the public – even blocking Christmas shoppers in stores and malls. President Obama should step-up to improve race relations as a major part of his legacy. If not, the insanity goes on, unabated……


Lest we forget, the police are our first line of defense in neighborhoods, communities and cities against criminals and terrorists.



Washington Times

December 10, 2014


The Ferguson Al Sharpton/Obama – news media effect


As a former deputy sheriff and county grand jury member with 43 years of experience in law enforcement and the criminal justice system dating back to 1960, I personally witnessed race relations with the police from the 1965 Watts Riots in Los Angeles – and the serious damage done by the counter-culture revolution -- through the turn of the century. Though we have come a long way since my first experiences, there is still room for improvement on both sides.


As for the present conflict that began in Ferguson, Missouri with the shooting death of Michael Brown by a white police officer and escalated throughout the country, it’s one thing for people to peacefully march and protest in Los Angeles and San Diego. They are legally within their rights to do so, and the Los Angeles Police Department has reacted with commendable cooperation and restraint to protect those rights.


However, when those people turn to breaking the law by laying down in the street, blocking the roadways and intersections, then escalate that to blocking busy freeways and shopping malls – particularly when law-abiding people are going about their business and traveling to be with friends and relatives to celebrate the holiday season – that is way beyond civil disobedience.


Indeed, their shameless and outrageous behavior does nothing but turn people against what they are protesting for, and they should be prosecuted fully for their crimes – no less than opportunistic rioters, looters and arsonists who do have done serious damage to the innocent in Ferguson and St. Louis. 


Surely, the obsessive lead, “White officer shot and killed unarmed black teen,” by news media -- exacerbated racial hatred already stoked by extreme race activist Al Sharpton and others -- which resulted in violent demonstrations, arson and looting in Ferguson Missouri after the incident – and again -- after the grand jury found insufficient evidence to indict officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown is unconscionable.


This is an irresponsible media shame that does more to worsen race relations than to do what they should to improve them. Indeed, the same thing happened with the Travon Martin case involving an Hispanic/white neighborhood watch member who killed a black teen in self-defense. certainly, the media and protesters should be reminded that Michael Brown was not unarmed. He was armed with his aggression, size and strength -- and he used it.


Alas, a national movement of African-Americans against the police, escalated by race-baiters, agitators and extortionists, liberal indoctrinated college students, and the NAACP – perpetuated by the media and the Obama/Holder civil rights violation investigation -- does more to harm race relations that to help them. Indeed, a civil rights prosecution against Officer Wilson would be criminal persecution.


Sadly, Officer Wilson resigned from the Ferguson Police Department without severance pay because of threats against him, his family and the department. Indeed, he did the right thing, even though the threats against him will persist. Lest we forget, the police are the first line of defense against criminals, terrorists and invasion, who have sworn to risk their lives to protect all of us.




December 7, 2014


Movement against police deeply troubling


Take it from a former law enforcement officer, public defender investigator and county grand jury member with 43 years of experience in the criminal justice system since the counter-culture movement of 1960’s: The national movement against our police smacks of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals. Creating chaos is what terrorists, socialists and communists do to gain control.


Indeed, the racial exploitation being conducted by President Obama, Attorney General Holder, the SEIU, George Soros and New York Mayor de Blasio is deeply troubling and divisive. Lest we forget, the police are the first line of defense in America. The military are the deep defense of our nation, which is being micromanaged by the president to weaken it. We should support our police and military, and reject those who would take away our liberty.



Washington Post

December 2, 2014


President Obama’s false promises and abuse of power


President Obama has proven that his presidency is based upon false campaign promises, manipulation, lies, deceit and the abuse of executive power. Clearly, the only campaign promise he kept was the fundamental transformation of America, which he has turned into a national nightmare.


Indeed, when Mr. Obama took office in the midst of a falling economy – with Democrat Congress – he added the first of an annual trillion dollars to the national debt (which just surpassed $18 trillion), established the economy-crushing Affordable Care Act of national health care, began a constant process anti-financial legislation and federal regulations, declared war against coal energy -- began a crusade for costly, unreliable green energy -- and embarked on the systematic deterioration of our domestic and national security.


As if that wasn’t enough damage, President Obama invited mass illegal border crossings and bypassed Congress and unconstitutionally granted costly amnesty to 6 million illegal immigrants. And now, he has interjected his administration into the killing of a black (adult) 18-year-old teen by a white Ferguson, Missouri police officer with a civil rights investigation, while being counseled by racial radical Al Sharpton, and is holding court on African-American community/police relations.


Alas, our beleaguered nation will have to endure this president’s quest for a legacy with narcissistic machinations for his remaining two years in office.




November 22, 2014


Emperor Obama


President Obama’s unconstitutional executive order of amnesty for 5 million illegal immigrants, and the $billions it will cost, comes as no surprise.


Mr. Obama’s deceitful actions have already exacted a heavy toll upon America since he took office and crowned himself emperor, including Obamacare, punishing regulations, energy, finance, taxation, debt, foreign policy, domestic and national security, and our freedoms.


Indeed, his legacy will undoubtedly be replete with abuse of power until his last day in office. Unfortunately, Californians will still be under the tyranny of King Brown and his minions in the Legislature for two years beyond that. Question is, when will voters feel enough pain to vote for freedom?



Wall Street Journal

November 11, 2014




It's bad enough that President Obama's pending executive order on immigration policy will be Obamagrationcareless, not so different from Obamacareless. Talk about abuse of power, the next edict on his agenda is so-called Internet Neutrality, which would be nothing less than the tyranny of Internet.gov. Clearly, (King) Obama has been monarchial with nearly everything he's done since his election. Indeed, the more resistance there is, the more sanctimonious liberal abuse of power there will be. Unfortunately, sanctimonious Democrats have become a dreadful way of life in Washington and throughout the states, dictating their abusive policies against our freedoms, our society, our economy, and our domestic and national security. Period,



Los Angeles Times

October 26, 2014


Governor Brown's bad propositions 1, 2 and 47


It's bad enough that Governor Brown and the Democrat Legislature have hustled voters and sold-out California to environmental zealots, social engineers and the teacher unions with economy-busting regulations, the costly miseducation of our children, AB 32's cap-and-tax business and job killer, and Proposition 30's tax lies. Alas, it seems that there is no end to unconstitutional government's abuse of power in what has become the fool's gold state, leaving taxpayers $68 billion in bond debt to run Brown's fraudulent toy bullet train that most taxpayers will never use.


Indeed, Brown's current round of deceitful Propositions will do nothing but do more harm to our economy and security when administered by self-serving political fraud. Propositions 1 and 2 are being sold to store water in the drought, and provide emergency funds for fire fighting. In reality, the drought has been exacerbated by an activist federal court decision to cut 30 percent of water from the property owner-funded California Water Project to protect Delta Smelt and allow millions of acre-feet of water to flow into the ocean -- depriving Central and Southern California farmers and people of water -- While Brown's administration does nothing to prevent it.


Adding dangerous insult to economic injury, Brown's AB 109 prison disaster dumps thousands of felony prisoners on county jails, most of whom are illegal alien criminals welcomed to California by Democrats and President Obama, along with millions of illegal aliens who are sucking $billions of taxpayer dollars from government healthcare and welfare services along with education to pay for potential voters. Now, Brown wants voters to pass Proposition 47 to exacerbate the problem with prisoners released to prey on the people.


Sadly, Governor Brown, Attorney General Kamala Harris and Democrat legislators will surely be re-elected by foolish voters bent on social, political and economic suicide, not to mention Brown and Harris' dereliction of duty for refusing to defend Proposition 8 and traditional marriage.



New York Times

October 25, 2014


Al Sharpton's brand of injustice


Al Sharpton is in essence a one-man lynch mob calling for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson to be strung-up to the nearest tree. Sharpton incited people into a lynch mob from the first day he spewed his brand of racism in Ferguson. Indeed, Sharpton cannot bothered with facts when he has already made up his mind, regardless of the justice system. He's done it before, and he's doing it again. Worse, Sharpton's brand of no justice, no peace, makes him a dangerous man, seriously damaging to racial relations and our fragile society. Alas, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder seeking Sharpton's counsel in this case and giving him credibility is simply unconscionable.



Washington Post

October 17, 2014


ISIS, Iran, Russia and Ebola


Because of President Obama's weakness, incompetence and hands-off policy against rapidly growing threats to our national security from ISIS, Iran, Russian aggression, illegal alien criminals crossing our Southern border, and now Ebola. Indeed, endless tribal wars in the Middle East have escalated, and the endless ideological war waged by Russia against America and Eastern European democracies with no force standing in their way -- least of all from our president.


President Obama will not commit ground troops to fight ISIS, but he sent 3000 troops to Liberia to fight Ebola by building medical facilities and now to assist in handling body fluid samples of suspected Ebola patients. Our troops choose to fight for their country and are expected to defend America and threats to our national security. The troops Mr. Obama sent to Liberia and the dangers of being exposed to Ebola had no choice.


Alas, the deadly Ebola virus had never infected the United States until President Obama's politically correct policies allowed it to happen. In Mr. Obama's zeal to help Liberia and Africa at any cost, he failed to ban West African travel to America, which allowed a Liberian national to lie about his exposure to Ebola and reach our country infected with virus, thus infecting at least two others at a Dallas hospital.


Worse, because of our inept president, America is exposed to more deadly terrorist attacks on our homeland, more exposure to Ebola, and a dim outlook for our decaying economy -- leaving us nearly helpless for Mr. Obama's remaining two years in office. Clearly, our only hope is for Republicans to take over the Senate this year and a Republican president in 2016.



Los Angeles Times

October 9, 2014


Gay marriage is wrong


The legal battle for and against gay marriage, traditional marriage and families has come to a tragic end at the hands of the tyranny of feminists, gay activists and the federal courts who have abdicated their constitutional responsibility.


The courts have failed to uphold states' constitutional rights in favor of fictitious gay rights and adoptions of innocent children who have no choice. And the undermining of America's morals, values and the sanctity of life and marriage goes on, unabated.


Hopefully, voters will see the light and do the right thing to save themselves from corrosive liberal ideology and big intrusive government before it's too late.



Wall Street Journal

October 4, 2014


Government is cooking the employment books.


It's way past time for the media to make headlines focusing on government deceit in unemployment numbers. Indeed, the truth is that the unemployment rate did not drop to 5.9%. That's a political lie. The truth is the unemployment rate is more than 11%, even as much as 15%. And wages are stagnant.


Government cooking the books is obvious. They say that employment picked up over 200,000 jobs, but they don't say that the labor force fell again by 97,000 people who have given up looking for work. They are unemployed by either early retirement, going on food stamps and welfare, or just stopped looking. In other words, the labor participation rate fell again to 62%. And there are growing hundreds of thousands of people who are under-employed or part-time.


Clearly, the only growth going on in America is too much government, taxes, rules, regulations, waste, fraud, lies, deceit and abuse of power. It's simply an unconstitutional, unconscionable disgrace and must be turned around to constitutional limited government, more freedom, and no more government than we absolutely need.




September 24, 2014


Obama's UN Speech legacy


President Obama's speech to the United Nations confirms that he believes he is the world healer, while his domestic policy is ruining our economy and our freedoms. Indeed, Mr. Obama is betraying our national security while he fights the fires of terrorism with sticks, stones and a garden hose to finish his time in office. That will likely be the curse of President Obama's legacy. God help America.



Los Angeles Times

September 15, 2014


California steeped in decline


Clearly, California is steeped in decline from being undermined by a corrosive Democrat political ideology occupying Sacramento, activist courts, extreme liberals, radical environmentalists; mismanaged water resources; anti-business taxes and onerous regulations; failing public education exacerbated by the selfish interests power of teacher unions; a failed penal system putting the population at extreme risk; punishing personal and property taxes -- and a deceitful, tyrannical government bent on sucking the life out of the state and the people. Hopefully, California voters will wise-up to the fraud and stop the bleeding. Otherwise, California will certainly be headed for voter-assisted social, political and economic suicide….



Los Angeles Times

September 3, 2014


Dr. Hansen, Al Gore and President Obama: Global Warming/Climate Change


California's current 100-year drought-scare as a "a threat to civilization" fits the profile of insidious environmental extremists and global warming/climate change alarmists, Dr. James E. Hansen, Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" and President Obama's climate action plan, which threaten serious damage to our country and the American people.


Indeed, the "Chicken-little sky is falling" began its urgency with NASA climate scientist, Dr. Hansen's work on human-emissions of greenhouse gases and rising temperatures in the 1970's culminating in his declaration before a Congressional committee in 1988 that human-induced global warming had begun -- as did Hansen's career of being the chief perpetrator of global warming fraud on the planet.


Dr. Hansen' crusade was followed by the scurrilous politics of former vice-president Al Gore's lucrative campaign against global warming with his 1992 book, "Earth in the Balance," and his 2006 Academy Award-winning global warming alarmist blockbuster, "An Inconvenient Truth."


Now comes President Obama, with his Climate Change Action Plan to cut carbon emissions and fulfill the environmental obsession over global warming - conveniently changed to climate change because of periods of global cooling -- by escalating the attacks on coal, fossil fuels and industrial carbon emissions with punishing regulations and taxation -- as is being done by California Governor Jerry Brown with the AB-32 carbon taxes, all of which will break the back of our economy.


Alas, only voters can save us from economic extinction, that is, if they wise-up before it's too late.




August 20, 2014


American sacred cows? No.


Investigative reporting has revealed there is strong evidence that there has been an overreaction and a rush to judgment in the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Missouri, exacerbated by media saturation, outside hateful activists, looting, violence, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.


At this point there is evidence -- considering Brown's enormous size, a video of him committing a strong-arm robbery indicating he is a deadly weapon who assaulted the officer attempting to get the officer's weapon -- that may very well lead to a justified self-defense shooting. Unfortunately, with the Missouri governor calling for a vigorous prosecution of the officer, and an immediate grand jury indictment, there is doubt that true justice will prevail. Clearly, this unnecessary situation of racial hysteria over a white officer shooting a black man is a sad commentary on selfish political interests and the decline of our society.


Contrary to popular liberal belief, feminists, African Americans, gays and lesbians are not social untouchables. Indeed, American freedom and liberty cannot be compromised by sacred cows, or big, aggressive government resulting in damage to families and relationships, self-reliance, traditional marriage, and an overall loss of freedoms.



Los Angeles Times

August 10, 2014


Re: Why are we back in Iraq?

L.A. Times editorial


The L.A. Times' continued position against air attacks against ISIS is irresponsible press, particularly, when our national security is at stake.


Indeed, it is deeply troubling that the news media did nothing to press the president to take immediate action against ISIS when they formed in Syria and invaded Iraq to establish an extreme Islamic state to make war against America and the West. Indeed, much worse than Osama bin Laden's stronghold in Afghanistan to launch the September 11, 2001 attack against the United States. Surely, President Obama's current action in northern Iraq comes with too little, too late


When the murderous intentions of ISIS were made deadly clear in their invasion of northern Iraq, it was painfully evident that the ISIS army of terrorists was committing genocide against Christians and non-conforming Muslims. And the body count of thousands continues, unabated.


President Obama could have easily stopped the invasion when it began with sustained airstrikes against the marching horde of ISIS militants, intense intelligence, and without putting American troops on the ground. But he didn't, and there are now 40,000 innocent people trapped on a mountain top dying from lack of food, water and shelter -- surrounded by ISIS.


Only now, in response to a worldwide outcry for assistance, President Obama made humanitarian aid air drops to the people on the mountain, supported by necessary air strikes. Better late than never doesn't cut it, Mr. President. Not when ISIS is so firmly entrenched -- with seized U.S. military weapons and equipment left by the Iraqi army -- and advancing against our ally, the Kurds, abandoned by our president.


Worse, ISIS is a known direct threat to the United States and our homeland. That threat must be stopped and eliminated. Coupled with the growing threat of al-Qaeda and all their affiliates, the Jihad fanatics are a threat to all faiths and people in the world and they must be neutralized, along with Iran and North Korea



Wall Street journal

August 6, 2014


Commander-in-Chief Obama was in Africa promoting business and aid when Major General Harold J. Greene was assassinated by an Afghan soldier, who shot the general four times in the back.


President Obama said nothing about it -- or the young girls held hostage by African terrorists -- and is just getting around to informally questioning deserter and traitor Sgt. Bergdahl who was traded for 5 major terrorists from GITMO.


Alas, it all amounts to a Dereliction of duty, incompetence and -- coupled with terrorism gone wild in the Ukraine, Iraq, Libya and Israel, and failure in deterring Iran's terrorist state and nuclear weapon ambitions  -- a leaderless disgrace of American foreign policy and national security weakness.



Washington Post

July 22, 2014


Israel's last stand - and ours


President Obama's lack of support for Israel, ignoring the aggression of Hamas -- his feckless nuclear weapon negotiations with Iran, his weakness against Russia's aggression in the Ukraine -- and his lack of our border security have signaled his abandoning our national security and his failures in a world of tyrants and terrorists.


Iran-backed Hamas's relentless attacks against Israel have resulted in Israel defending itself by any means necessary including an all-out defensive into Gaza. Israel has an absolute right to defend itself and their historical homeland, including attacks on Iran's nuclear weapon facilities if necessary. Israel is a small Democratic island of 5 million Jews -- America's only ally -- in a sea of 300 million Muslims.


Syrian ISIS terrorists have conquered northern Iraq and they are attacking Christians, telling them to convert, pay a tax or die, resulting in Christians fleeing to Kurdish territory to escape the deadly persecution. Iran, al-Qaida and all Jihadist Muslims are on a mission to destroy Israel, America and the West, eliminate Jews, Christians and all who do not convert. Indeed, it's an unholy Jihad to rule the planet.


Unfortunately, President Obama's reduction of our nuclear weapons and our military opens the door to all of our enemies. Surely, the American people cannot allow that to continue, and it must be turned around in the 2014 and 2016 elections. We must stand with Israel and our allies against all enemies, foreign and domestic with maximum strength as we always have -- or suffer the consequences. Freedom is at stake……



Washington Times

July 21, 2014


President Obama's legacy: a grim threat to our national security


By the time President Obama leaves office, his record will undoubtedly reflect that America's national security was seriously diminished. Indeed, it's bad enough that our country has been leaderless in foreign policy during Obama's presidency, whereas his domestic policy has subjected the people to overreaching regulations and the blatant abuse of unconstitutional authority damaging our economy and our freedoms.


However, our national security being threatened by the president ignoring the clear and present danger of Iran's nuclear weapon development -- the Arab Spring turning into destabilizing the Middle East with the spread of al-Qaida and related terrorist groups into Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and other Muslim countries -- and Russia's aggression in Ukraine, while drastically reducing our military, our nuclear weapons and our defense missiles in Europe and Turkey -- is a clear and present danger to our national security and the world.


Adding insult to injury, President Obama is extending the nuclear weapons negotiations with Iran, until after the November elections, and releasing nearly $3 billion of Iran's frozen assets -- which they will surely use to speed up their nuclear weapon development -- while the president's lies, distractions, cover-ups, open-border policy, and perpetual political fundraising goes on and on, unabated.


Lest we forget, Iran is the most dangerous state sponsor of terrorism, including creation and support of Hamas and their never-ending attack on Israel in furtherance of Iran's dedication to the total destruction of Israel -- likely with nuclear weapons. Alas, most would likely agree that the future looks grim. Very grim.



Los Angeles Times

July 17, 2014


Re: Shutting down death row - editorial


California: What death penalty?


The Los Angeles Times -- a federal judge ruling lethal injection unconstitutional -- and the State of California's de facto abolition of the death penalty  comes as no surprise, even though the voters of California have made it clear that they want the death penalty.


Orange County Federal judge Cormac J. Carney was correct in ruling that California's execution system of extraordinary delays render the death penalty unpredictable, arbitrary and useless as retribution or deterrent -- thus in violation of the 8th Amendment's prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.


It's bad enough that a Northern California federal judge incorrectly ruled that California's lethal injection system was cruel and unusual punishment even though it is used in many states and is the most humane way of administering the death penalty.


Surely, the will of the people should prevail regarding the death penalty, not the will of un-American Civil Liberties Union and others who could care less about the victims and families of horrendous murders who should be put to death.


As a Southern Californian retired from 41 years working in the criminal justice system, I've witnessed California's unconscionable decline in the administration of justice, unnecessarily making the people much less safe and secure against violent crime. That's injustice!


It is well known and understood that the death penalty is a deterrent against murder. California should follow the State of Texas in their administration of the death penalty: after a reasonable time for appeals, the death penalty is carried out as it should be. That's justice!



Washington Post

July 2, 2014


Imperial president vs. America


President Obama's executive action allowing a flood of 50,000 illegal alien children, parents and criminals -- and growing daily -- to remain in America by spreading them around to  Border Patrol stations across the country for distribution to family members and into local communities is the latest blatant imperial action against our domestic and national security.


Clearly, it's bad enough that President Obama's imperial actions with Obamacare, against finance, the EPA cap and trade, and against energy will deal fatal blows to our economy.


However, imposing the unabated flow of illegal aliens upon communities such as Murrieta, California, others around the state and Arizona, amounts to imposed danger and a constant heavy impact on taxes paid by American citizens to cover their housing, education, healthcare and welfare -- in growing $billions of dollars we cannot afford -- is unconscionable.


Indeed, President Obama shamelessly uses arranged crisis to pursue his immigration reform agenda, without securing the border as is should be with fences, walls and establishing a militarized zone to stop the invasion of illegal aliens, drugs and crime.


Coupled with President Obama's dereliction of duty for failing to repel al-Qaida and ISIS from developing their border crossing attacks from Syria and Jordon into northern Iraq to establish their fanatical terrorist state and staging area to attack America and the West with their American and European terrorist members -- the clear and present danger to our country is unacceptable.


Certainly, America must stand up against Obama's imperialism, and the Supreme Court must step up their control of this out-of-control president early in their next term -- before it's too late….



Wall Street Journal

June 20, 2014


Obama abandons Iraq, and more


President Obama stood by while the Arab Spring turned into the rise of al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and other terrorist groups spreading Jihad throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Africa unabated.


The results have been the expansion of Muslims killing Muslims, now starkly manifested by the brutal ISIS invasion of northern Iraq to form the radical Islamic state of Syria and Iraq -- while Iran increases its hold on southern Iran and presses on with developing nuclear weapons.


Indeed, the immediate question is, why didn't President Obama strike ISIS a fatal blow when they invaded Iraq from Syria instead of dithering with failed diplomacy and failed negotiations with defunct regimes and terrorists, at the expense of our national security?


Surely, the final foreign policy failure will be to surrender Afghanistan to the Taliban -- which is inevitable and should happen sooner, not later with more losses of life and treasure -- and reassign the withdrawing troops to secure our neglected southern border.


Sadly, the president's mission creep has been extended domestic scandals and crimes against the people such as "Fast and Furious," Benghazi, the IRS, the VA hospitals, and the executive overreach of the EPA and finance enforcement.



Washington Post

June 8, 2014


Dangerously naïve Obama administration


President Obama and his minion administration are starkly naïve to think that America can make peace with the Taliban when they are now part of al-Qaida dedicated to converting everyone in the world to Islam or face death. Indeed, we cannot negotiate with Islamic terrorists any more than negotiating with Iran to keep them from creating nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and make war with the West.



New York Times

May 14, 2014


President Obama aims for repeat of housing crash


President Obama, newly appointed Fannie-Freddie regulator Mel Watt, HUD Secretary Donovan, Treasury Secretary Lew, Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Yellen and the Dodd-Frank Finance laws are in the process of creating a repeat of the 2007/2008 housing and finance crash -- created by President Clinton, HUD director Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Janet Reno's forced lowering of home lending standards for unqualified buyers in their insane drive for affordable housing -- indeed, with the abuse of power using President Carter's foolish Community Reinvestment Act.


Clearly, President Obama's move to repeat the Clinton disaster to recover the foundering housing market is surely the insanity of repeating the cause of the collapse hoping for a different result. Instead, Obama's blind ambition for his legacy will surely result in hastening the reality of the looming economic bubble to burst prematurely, causing tidal waves of economic misery and pain. Alas, President Obama's flagrant abuses of executive power is certainly on track to "fundamentally transform" the social, political and economic core of America into a runaway train wreck causing the demise of liberty, prosperity and our republic of freedom.


Our only hope is for a fundamental transformation of Congress and the Presidency in the 2014 and 2016 elections.



Wall Street Journal

February 20, 2014


Re: Medicare Advantage Democrats - editorial


The WSJ's February 20, 2014 editorial regarding the Medicare Advantage Democrats is clearly on target. "Look who's defending George Bush's health plan for seniors"


President Bush's Medicare Advantage program was the best thing that happened to Medicare seniors since its inception. Government's failure to reduce and eliminate the vast fraud, waste and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid is bad enough. However, President Obama's early assault on Medicare Advantage -- as a presidential candidate -- plus the forced passage of Obama/Democrat Unaffordable Health Careless Act that attacks Medicare Advantage with forthcoming cuts was unconscionable.


Particularly, when 28% of seniors are enrolled in Medicare Advantage, and one of two people eligible for Medicare chooses Advantage, and enrollment is growing at a 10% annual clip -- simply because government turns control of health care over to private plans that manage Medicare, with more flexible services and benefits than traditional Medicare, and "seamless delivery of health care services," -- for better health care outcomes, and higher quality health care.


My wife and I are enrolled in Kaiser Senior Advantage, which is the leading Medicare Advantage manager and a shining example for other Advantage programs to emulate. Indeed, we received the best of care -- well worth the premiums -- and we firmly believe it should be the standard for all senior health care.


Leading Senate Democrats, who voted for Obamacare -- and are now opposing the cuts to Medicare Advantage because they are up for re-election -- are little more than pandering political hypocrites who will slice Medicare Advantage the day after their re-election. Senior voters in their states should not buy the snake oil. If they do, they will certainly pay the price of deception with less health care and higher prices.


Clearly, no time for making deals with the devils, and the devils know it. Especially, when the flow of Boomers into Medicare will substantially increase Medicare Advantage enrollment. That's the good news for seniors, and the bad news for President Obama and Democrats.



Los Angeles Times

January 17, 2014


Colby fire mismanaged


As a former lead fire dispatcher and inmate fire camp sheriff's deputy -- at Tujunga and San Gabriel Canyons -- who has followed the mismanagement of fires by the U.S. Forest Service, I can say that the Old fire, Station fire, the Colby fire in Glendora and other major fires could have been stopped while the burned acreage was small if the Forest Service had widespread contracts for Canadian Super Scoopers and DC 10 super tankers for immediate response to forest and brush fires.


Worse, it's bad enough the Forest Service mismanages U.S. Forest land by not thinning forests or clearing grounds and failing to control tree deaths from bark beetles. But when their incompetence allowing Controlled Burns -- since renamed "Prescribed Burns" -- to spread into enormous forest fires in the West, and environmental hypocrisy, causes massive air pollution like the Colby fire smoke covering the Los Angeles area, overall Forest Service policies and regulations are in dire need of reform.


Better yet, most federal lands should be turned over to the states for local control, smart privatization and economic revitalization.



Orange County Register

January 15, 2014


Ron Thomas and state abandoned his son


The tragedy of Kelly Thomas' death notwithstanding, the seriously mentally ill schizophrenic young man would not have lost his life if it were not for being abandoned by his father. Ron Thomas could have and should have had Kelly committed to a mental institution for care and rehabilitation, his safety and the safety of others.


Indeed, as a former peace officer, Ron Thomas should have known about the avenues open to him to rescue his son from the streets. Being retired from 41 years of service and experience in the criminal justice system, I know that Ron Thomas could have prevented the tragedy instead of having his son call out for his help when it was obviously too late.


Unfortunately, Ron Thomas blamed everyone but himself, and took the unconscionable position of media-driven grandstanding and gaining fame by condemning police officers doing their duty under perilous circumstances -- too often in these violent, trying times of selfish interests and extremes.


Alas, two things are certain: Ron Thomas should not profit from his own irresponsibility. And much of the irresponsibility here must be heaped on the State of California for its grave failure to meet the dire needs of the mentally ill.



Los Angeles Times

December 13, 2013


Re: 332,000 people added to state


Acceptable illegal immigration has ruined California


Immigration has increased and most of the 332,000 population increase -- to California's now 38.2 million people -- was due to births, most of which are illegal immigration anchor babies, which continues our state's road to ruin from unconscionable, reckless liberal policies.


California's extreme liberal/progressive ideology has invited well over 2 million illegal immigrants to the state costing citizen taxpayers $billions annually for education, welfare, healthcare and crime.


Indeed, California is the perfect example of why anchor babies -- for the sole purpose of citizenship to allow mothers/parents to remain in our country -- should not be granted citizenship.


Worse, our state government has been controlled by liberal Democrats -- now a supermajority in the Legislature -- who are responsible for the insidious social, political and economic condition of California with over-regulation and punishing taxation to increase their power.


Even worse, illegal immigrants are responsible for enormous increases in gangs, murders, and other violent crime, thefts and burglaries -- and the overcrowding of our prisons -- which is causing federal courts, AB 109 and Governor Brown to release violent criminals to prey upon us indiscriminately.


Californians need to take a stand to make it all stop or continue to suffer the ongoing and increased consequences.



Los Angeles Times

November 23, 2013


Re: New breed in the Senate


Obama's Senate power grab


Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid, the new breed in the Senate and other Obama lemmings removed the filibuster and 60 vote majority for federal court nominees and other executive appointments in a power grab that will allow President Obama to stack the federal courts with liberal activist judges to protect ObamaCare and carry out Obama's bidding for the remainder of his second term. That's simply a dictatorial abuse of power, unconscionable and un-American.




November 22, 2013


Re: How well is health care working?


President Obama's promise to extend cancelled insurance policies for a year was rejected by "Covered California," which leaves one million Californians without health insurance. That is one million out of five million health insurance policies canceled nationwide. Under ObamaCare chaos, that number is expected to swell to between 50 and 100 million as the "Unaffordable Careless Act" continues to steamroll over health care in America.



Wall Street Journal

November 21, 2013


Re: ObamaCare forced Mom into Medicaid

by Nicole L. Hopkins


Nicole Hopkins' mother is one of the millions who had their health insurance cancelled or increased to unaffordable premiums as the result of ObamaCare. With few people signing up for Obamacare on government exchange web sites, a few more on state exchange sites, and many more unable to complete the process or being forced into Medicaid, it clearly demonstrates that government is incompetent -- and leads the American people to the inescapable conclusion that President Obama lied, and that the Obamacare law should be renamed, "The Unaffordable Careless Act" --  a tyranny which will ultimately and unnecessarily cost taxpayers an extra $1.2 trillion.


President Obama's press conference was essentially the same old blah, blah, blah Obama diversions. What he really meant was that people's health plans that were cancelled will be allowed to keep them for a year -- until after the 2014 elections -- hopefully to prevent losing the Senate. Of course the solidly socialist state of California won't go along with the extension, which "Covered California" just turned down even though 1 million people, and counting, have lost their health insurance.


Adding insult to injury, the Obamacare rollout is circumventing the Supreme Court's order preventing the forced expansion of Medicaid on the states, by causing people sign up for Medicaid instead of using the failed insurance exchanges, which will exacerbate the already crowded emergency rooms by Medicaid patients seeking non-emergency health care, endangering patients with real emergencies. That's unconscionable, and will increase the financial burden on the states.



New York Times

November 6, 2013


Wrong election choices in Virginia and New York


The elections of Terry McAuliffe as governor of Virginia and Bill de Blasio as mayor or New York are troubling indications of too much liberal Democrat voter indoctrination in the face of President Obama selling-out America to national health care and hardcore socialism.


If Virginia voters are foolish enough to elect a Clinton political crook as their governor, and New Yorkers blindly elect a socialist as mayor of the financial and business capitol of the world, national voters are in danger of committing social, political and economic suicide.


Indeed, if voters don't wise-up and throw enough Democrats out of Congress in 2014, and elect a Republican president instead of Obama-driven Hillary Clinton in 2016, America will be sliding down the road to serfdom without brakes.


Fortunately, there are presidential bright spots on the horizon with Chris Christie's landslide re-election as governor of New Jersey -- along with Republican Senators Rubio, Lee, Cruz -- and of course, former VP candidate Rep. Paul Ryan.


Remember, the right to vote is the power to save or let die -- as in electing Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly or re-electing Jerry Brown as governor of California.




November 5, 2013


Obama compounded his lie about the ACA


While speaking to the America Medical Association in 2009, President Obama promised -- and repeated many times in other speeches -- "If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period." Now, since people are angered by having their health care insurance cancelled because it didn't meet Affordable Care Act standards, Obama changed his act. On November 4, 2013, President Obama said "If you have or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law and you really like that plan, what WE said was you could keep it if it hasn't changed since the law was passed."


What does President Obama mean, "WE said…." when it was HE who said no such thing? Which means he seriously deceived the people into thinking they could keep their health care plans. In other words, he lied to get the law passed and has now compounded that lie. Indeed, President Obama clearly knew what was in the law when it was rammed through the Democrat Congress and he signed it.


When the Supreme Court wrongly found Obamacare constitutional because the penalty for not getting health insurance was a tax -- which was really a progressive penalty, not a tax -- the Court rightly found that forcing more Medicaid on the states for the uninsured was unconstitutional. Now people are flocking to free state Medicaid instead of signing up for Obamacare -- and Obama is telling people to do that -- which is unconstitutional.


Adding insult to injury, people were previously unable to buy health insurance across state lines, stifling competition. Now, with the ACA, people are prohibited from buying health insurance across county lines.


Certainly, Obamacare is an unconstitutional, unconscionable act that will adversely affect the economy and people's lives.



Sacramento Bee

August 24, 2013


Rim Fire next to Yosemite could have been stopped


As with so many runaway fires in the West, and now the enormous Rim Fire threatening Yosemite, if the Forest Service and Cal Fire had properly prepared for the all-too-frequent explosive fires, they would have been stopped in their tracks.


Indeed, if increased numbers and immediate use of DC-10 super air tankers had been made, high density fuel fires could have been extinguished by massive the water drops, backed-up by Canadian Super-Scoopers. All they have to do is buy or lease and deploy more of them.


Of course, most forest fires have been exacerbated by extreme and unreasonable environmental/conservationist forces, the refusal to thin forests and to combat the death of trees from bark beetles -- both of which accelerate forest fires.


Surely the time has come to either continue the unnecessary restrictions, high cost, air pollution and the unconscionable loss of life, property, forest land and watershed -- or to get smart,  be prepared, and stop it.



Wall Street journal

August 18, 2013


Re: Put a corn cob in your tank - editorial


The WSJ editorial is correct, but could have been less corny and more assertive about senseless, obsolete need for the increased ethanol mandate. Indeed, corn ethanol fuel has become another poster idea for the costly failures of government's good intentions.


Surely, it's bad enough that corn ethanol is not only unnecessary for our vehicles that are becoming more fuel efficient, that increased domestic oil and gas production makes ethanol mandates even more costly and unnecessary, and that corn ethanol is robbing our corn supply -- raising the cost of our food.


It is simply unconscionable for Congress not to admit the mistake and repeal all corn ethanol additive mandates. Particularly, when ethanol  ruins the engines in our vehicles, and is even more toxic than gasoline emissions. But that's politics and big government, isn't it. Pass bad laws, invoke punishing taxes and regulations, and let it ride.


Alas, that's why government growth, spending and debt are consuming our freedoms and our future. If we are to survive, voters must reign in and reverse the insanity.



New York Times

August 10, 2013


Breaking America's economic back


Illegally exempting unions and congressional staff from Obamacare, along with pushing the implementation until after the 2014 elections comes as no surprise.


Particularly when President Obama continues to circumvent the law with EPA and Energy executive orders and edicts destined to hurt the middle class.


Lest we forget, the president's Obamacareless monster was created by then Senator Obama while running in the 2008 election. He created a crisis that didn't exist. Of course the crisis that did exist, and persists, is the Clinton/Frank/Dodd Democrat-caused housing and financial crash.


Healthcare in America needed some work, but not with national health care that will surely break our economic back. The Democrat Congress that rammed it through without debate, shares the blame. Indeed, every House and Senate member who voted for it.



Washington Post

August 7, 2013


Losing the war on terror


The Obama administration's national security malfeasance and the Army are at fault for their failure to discover, identify and prosecute Major Hasan as an enemy combatant terrorist. The Fort Hood shootings were planned acts of terror and the assassination of our troops, not "work place violence." Major Hasan should be convicted of terrorism, treason, stripped of his citizenship and executed.



Los Angeles Times

July 29, 2013


NBC miniseries "Hillary" set for 2016 presidential elections


The forthcoming NBC miniseries "Hillary" -- set to premiere just before the 2016 presidential elections -- removes all doubt that NBC and the rest of the liberal news media are not only in the tank for the Democratic Party, they are actively campaigning for the Democrat agenda. Indeed, what could be more historical than electing the first woman president after the election of the first African-American president?


Of course NBC has a long, active record of promoting the liberal agenda as evidenced by Aaron Sorkin's "West Wing," as a fantasy 1999 to 2006 Democrat presidency television series paralleling the Republican presidency of George Bush. Sorkin's characters and clever dialogue seduced the viewing audience into making "West Wing" a major success.


However, Sorkin wasn't finished promoting his insidious liberal agenda with his new HBO series, "Newsroom," which is a utopian story about cable news network, "Atlantis Cable News." The problem is, Sorkin's clever characters and dialogue doesn't mask the hideous story line of a so-called moderate Republican news anchor equating "The Tea Party with the Taliban," and demonizing the Republican candidates with personal attacks in the 2012 presidential election with the second season.


Free speech is one thing, but radical liberal television networks, writers and producers dealing with politics, government and ideology should not be immune from insidious slander and defamation against conservatives or anyone. After all, America is not exclusive to big government and the liberal elite. Regular, free people have owned this country from its constitutional inception. And it's time to foreclose on the tyranny of self-serving squatters.



Washington Times

July 27, 2013


Phony scandals? - No - Phony president


President Obama's perpetual campaign continues with the latest round of biased media-supported, staged travel-trivia speeches -- stroking the economy and the middle class -- with his clueless people backdrops of bobble heads nodding and applauding his every point, on queue.


Of course, Obama's latest charges against his Republican opponents -- of causing Washington to take its eye off the ball with "distractions, political posturing and phony scandals" -- are in fact his phony-in-chief maneuvers to detract from his abusive government, social, political, economic and national security failures.


Meanwhile, the president relentlessly continues his unprecedented abuse of power, executive orders and edicts, political appointments, and administrative regulations forcing his destructive injustice, miseducation, energy, environmental, healthcare, immigration, financial, debt and spending agenda upon America.



Los Angeles Times

July 20, 2013


Re: A president reflects on race


The most divisive president


President Obama's Trayvon Martin-driven remarks regarding race do little to nothing to relieve tensions brought on by the intense radical African-American leaders' reaction to George Zimmerman's "Not Guilty" verdict that resulted in a national call to protest the perceived injustice of justice being served in the Florida court. Indeed, the president failed to recognize or condemn the violence, and did nothing to dispel the self-inflicted stereotype.


In fact, President Obama's divisive racial statements exacerbated the resulting violence and rioting in the streets of Los Angeles and elsewhere with gangs of African-American juveniles and young adults assaulting and robbing innocent people, looting stores and setting fires -- including two American flags. Indeed, now there is another media-driven Al Sharpton-Jesse Jackson move to protest in 100 major cities across America.


Alas, lest we forget, the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman conflict was not black and white. It was black and Hispanic.


Clearly, America has been placed in deepening social, political and economic stress, chaos and deterioration by the most divisive president in our history. One who's blind social justice political agenda -- supported by congressional Democrats -- has grown government with a tyrannical war against free market Capitalism, imposing economy-crushing national health care, costly green energy, spending, insurmountable debt, abused his personal power and abdicated our national security.




July 15, 2013


Re: Zimmerman verdict taps into a deep vein of distrust - editorial


I strongly disagree with USA TODAY'S notion that "Trayvon Martin's death remains an avoidable American tragedy -- one that Zimmerman set into motion.


Indeed, George Zimmerman's life has been destroyed by a permanent unjust media-driven racial lynching promoted by the exploitive racism of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, exacerbated by African-American activists and President Obama. If it were not for the obsessive media, national hostile demonstrations, rioting and closing a major freeway in California would not be going on and continuing.


Alas, as long as the Jacksons, Sharptons and others continue to exploit one-sided racism for power and profit, there will be no racial harmony.


Surely, the ultimate injustice would be Holder's Justice Department persecuting Zimmerman with a civil rights charge, which should not be done because Zimmerman was not acting "under color of authority."





Washington Post

July 4, 2013


Declare independence from big government


Sadly, as we celebrate the 4th of July Independence Day of our founding, we are faced with a government that has become as tyrannical and intrusive as the government from which we separated. Our hard won freedoms are being lost to big government dependency, unreasonable taxation, punishing regulations and too much government growth, spending, debt, and control of property, education, health care, and the free market.


Unfortunately, the time has come to declare our independence again by reinforcing the founding intent of our Constitution, reducing government to its basic responsibilities of our unique republic, our Congress, Executive, judiciary, national defense, treasury, interstate commerce and foreign policy. Taxation must be reformed to become either a fair flat tax, consumption tax or a combination thereof. And we must have an unfettered free market.


Indeed, state sovereignty and government by consent of the governed must be renewed or we will never be truly free.



Wall Street Journal

July 3, 2013


Re: Health law penalties delayed


Obamacare's fatal flaw was inherent in the scheme


Obamacare penalties for employers of over 50 employees forced to provide health insurance being delayed until after the 2014 mid-term elections is simply another political ploy to delay the impact of Obamacare's abuse of power, just as President Obama avoided re-election defeat in the 2012 presidential elections by delaying, distracting and lying to the electorate.


Worse, the Obama administration is implementing a program indoctrinating students to convince their parents to support  Obamacare, which furthers Obama's master plan to fundamentally transform America from a democratic republic to European-style socialism with national healthcare.


Even worse, President Obama is not only plunging Americans into $2 trillion of additional healthcare debt -- when all that was needed was deep Medicare and Medicaid reform -- his insidious green energy and automotive fuel standards will make electricity and fuel costs "Necessarily skyrocket" for our own good.


All of which -- coupled with selling-out our education, economy and national security at every level -- will leave America in ruins.






June 28, 2013


Re: It's a sad day for democracy - by Brian S. Brown.


I agree. Voters lose, gay federal judge and tyranny of the minority win


The Chief Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court majority betrayed democracy and the Constitution by saying the sponsors of Proposition 8 did not have legal standing to appeal after the ballot measure was struck down by Vaughn Walker, a gay a federal judge in San Francisco. Both decisions against the majority of California voters were unconstitutional and unconscionable.


It didn't matter that former Attorney General, now Governor Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris violated their oaths of office by refusing to defend Proposition 8 simply because they were against the will of the people, who passed the state constitutional amendment by a 52 percent vote, prohibiting gay marriage.


Alas, the tyranny of San Francisco and the gay minority by social intimidation and legal extortion have dealt fatal blows to our legal system and the traditional institution of marriage, confirming the dangers of what is becoming a superficial society of moral decay, social aggression, political terrorism, selfish interests and extremes.



Los Angeles Times

June 27, 2013


Re: Gay marriages should start now: AG Kamala Harris


California Attorney General Kamala Harris doesn't want the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wait the usual 25 days to lift its Prop. 8 stay, and start gay marriages NOW!


It doesn't matter that former Attorney General, now Governor Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris violated their oaths of office by refusing to defend Proposition 8 simply because they were against the will of the people, who passed the state constitutional amendment by a 52 percent vote, prohibiting gay marriage.


Indeed, overturning Proposition 8 comes from the tyranny of the minority, which rules California and most of the United States. Gay extremists and activist courts have joined environmental extremists in a long record of intimidating anyone or anything that opposes them.


Likewise, the 1994 voter referendum, Proposition 187, passed by 59 percent of the vote, prohibiting illegal aliens from using health care, education, welfare and other social services -- which were costing California taxpayers $3 billion per year -- was ruled unconstitutional by an activist federal court, which stood because Governor Gray Davis violated his oath of office, halted state appeals and refused to defend the law.


Of course, the tyranny of the minority has been perpetuated by liberal Democrats' insidious agenda of lies and deceit, punishing laws, taxes and regulations wagging the public dog from the Sacramento state house -- steadily driving California toward social, political and economic ruin.


Alas, California liberals -- the worst in the nation -- have rejected traditional American values and created a superficial society of moral decay, social aggression, political terrorism, selfish interests and extremes.




June 25, 2013


President Obama ignores China/Russia rejection to return Snowden


Instead of dealing directly with the rejections by China and Russia to the return of criminally-charged NSA leaker/fugitive/traitor, Edward Snowden, President Obama has chosen to ignore the national security crisis -- along with the Benghazi and IRS scandals -- and deflect attention away from his domestic and international failures by assisting Syrian rebels, reducing our nuclear power deterrent, and campaigning against global warming.


Indeed, President Obama is adding insult to injury by limiting oil exploration and production, pushing  expensive green fuel, wind and solar energy, carbon taxing coal energy, industrial and business emissions, and implementing unnecessary/economy-crushing Obamacare. Clearly, with Obama and company in charge, there has been little or no direct leadership in dealing with real social, political, economic, and increasing national security threats.


Alas, Mr. Obama appears to be a presidential imposter who only knows the deceit of distraction, perpetual campaigning and manufactured crisis, with no accountability.



Sacramento Bee

June 21, 2013


Federal courts abuse power against California


Governor Brown's dispute with the federal court over the release of state prison inmates goes far beyond compliance by prison re-alignment, which has already impacted local county jails and endangered communities. Now, the three-judge 'Star Chamber' has order the immediate release of 9,600 state prisoners, which will put California citizens in eminent danger. However, liberal California government bears a substantial part of the blame for crowded prison conditions.


Indeed, state and federal Democrats are responsible for tyrannical government growth and the proliferation of illegal aliens, by failure to enforce immigration laws, inviting illegals to partake in welfare, education and healthcare, particularly in California, which is costing California taxpayers about $5 billion per year. Plus overloading our prisons with illegal alien criminals to a point where the federal court ordered nearly 10,000 prisoners released early to prey on California citizens.


Wise-up, California voters, and put a stop to the political insanity. Our security, our economy, our future and the future of our children are at stake.



New York Times

June 20, 2013


Obama's national insecurity


President Obama's track record on national security has been a dangerous policy backing off. And clearly, the terrorists and our other enemies know it, as evidenced by  Obama's support of American-style liberal democracy in the revolutionary "Arab Spring," which was obviously compromised by Islamic extremists, consuming North Africa and the Middle East, including our vital ally, Turkey.


Indeed, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are alive and well, in a constant state of growth and power. Plus, regardless of our losses, Obama has ensured that Iraq and Afghanistan will certainly come back to bite America, when Iraq is taken over by Iran, and Afghanistan is returned to the al-Qaeda-friendly Taliban.


Coupled with President Obama's unilateral reduction of our nuclear deterrent power, while failing to deter China, North Korea, Russia, Pakistan and Iran from nuclear proliferation -- and failing to secure our borders -- his lack of national security performance is unconscionable.


Surely, with President Obama at the helm, helping Syrian rebels is just another exercise in futility, while we are in a deepening state of national insecurity.



Los Angles Times

June 18, 2013


California's Democrat-voter-and-fed-assisted economic suicide


California's AB-32 cap-and-tax revenues - which are supposed to fund green energy programs -- will be diverted by Gov. Brown and the Democrat Legislature to increase Welfare and Medicaid funding by $500 million this year, and the diversions will increase to between $ 2 billion and $15 billion by 2015.


It doesn't seem to matter that the Democrat legislature's recently passed $96.3 billion state budget does nothing to address California's enormous debt. Or that embracing the fraud of Obamacare will raise insurance rates for all Californians, increase the cost of living and decrease employment.


Adding insult to injury, and new federal mandates for increased ethanol in gasoline will raise gas prices, destroy auto and diesel engines, and increase air pollution with insidious toxins. Plus, the increase of corn-ethanol will raise food prices significantly.


Sadly, with Democrat-voter-and-fed-assisted economic suicide in the works, California will surely go into a long political tailspin, nose-dive and crash.



The Wall Street Journal

June 15, 2013


RE: Dabbling in Syria - editorial


As the WSJ editorial aptly put it, President Obama is indeed "Dabbling in Syria." And he is losing the war against terrorism.


President Obama's decision to provide arms and support to Syrian rebels is simply a distraction from administration scandals -- in the IRS, Dept. of Justice, and Dept. of State  -- and will certainly be an exercise in futility.


Particularly, in light of Iran and Russia's support of the Syrian regime, and Obama's rebel support of regime turnovers in Egypt, Libya and throughout North Africa and the Middle East, giving al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic militants blanket power.


Indeed, the terrorist threats to our national security have substantially increased, benchmarked by the malfeasance in Benghazi costing the lives of our ambassador and three other Americans.


Surely, history has taught us that it's better to deal with dictatorship regimes we know, than the world-domination Islamists who won't.



Los Angeles Times

May 27, 2013


Re: Fracking: How Risky? - editorial

Re: Brown prison policy repeal sought


California calamity


It comes as no surprise that the Los Angeles Times and others are suggesting delays in fracking 15 billion barrels of oil from the Central Valley's 1,750 square mile Monterey Shale formation between Modesto and Bakersfield, which goes along with extreme environmentalists intentions to always file lawsuits against additional oil and natural gas production from California's ample resources. Indeed, it doesn't seem to matter that fracking has proven to be safe, or that it would create tens of thousands of jobs and reduce California gas prices.


Surely, Californians will increasingly suffer from the calamity being brought on from unreasonable environmentalists and conservationists who have decreased water supplies from the Sacramento Delta to Central Valley farms, Southern California populations, and raised the cost of living with tyrannical regulations.


Indeed, coupled with the enormous cost of the teachers' unions and California miseducation, the open door policy for illegal immigrants to suck our public welfare, education and health care dry, Governor Brown's prison re-alignment policy endangering the lives of the people, AB 32's negative impact on our economy, and the corrosive Democrat cartel's control of government in Sacramento, the outlook for California's survival is bleak at best.


Certainly worse, from voter-assisted economic suicide, the high speed rail boondoggle, and runway debt.



The Washington Post

May 25, 2013


President Obama's chilling effect


From the time presidential candidate Barack Obama campaigned on fundamentally transforming America, his presidential actions, diversions, distractions and deceptions tantamount to outright lies paved the way to accomplishing his liberal agenda -- beginning with ramming his national health care legislation through a complicit Democrat Congress.


Indeed, from then on it was steady government and regulatory growth, spending and insurmountable debt by leaps and bounds -- all supported by the liberal state media, who got President Obama elected and led him into a second term, but not before he lost the House of Representatives to Republicans backed by the spontaneously formed Tea Party in opposition to the president's health careless laws, spending and insurmountable debt.


No thanks to the liberal press and years of liberal indoctrination of students by the education establishment, most of America is clueless about President Obama and his administration's insidious machinations undermining the Constitution, and the deep freeze chilling effect he has on his opposition -- as evidenced by the IRS targeting the Tea Party, conservative groups and individuals -- and the Justice Department targeting Associated Press and Fox News reporters.


Of course, as usual, President Obama feigned outrage at the exposures, fired the IRS Commissioner, and ordered his Attorney General Eric Holder to review policies and investigate, even though Holder had signed the order to investigate FOX's Chief Washington Correspondent, James Rosen as a co-conspirator on a national security leak. Surely, Holder investigating "Fast and Furious" Holder and his blatant abuse of power is a redundant gesture.


Alas, lest we forget, it is President Obama's dictatorial regulations, legislative tyrannies, government growth and his gang of liberal Democrats that are limiting our free speech and liberties -- ruining our economy and our culture, not to mention risking our national security by toying with terrorism -- when it is much smaller limited constitutional government that we need to survive.



Wall Street Journal

May 17, 2013


Re: The IRS scandal started at the top

Re: Nina Olson for IRS Commissioner


President Obama responsible for IRS targets


It's becoming painfully clear that President Obama's fingerprints are all over the IRS tyrannies against the Tea Party, conservative groups and individuals. Indeed, the president's demonization of the Tea Party and conservative groups set the tone for his IRS and captains of political corruption to target and silence them.


In early 2010, President Obama gave marching orders to Democrat activists to attack Tea Party and conservative groups, and for congressional Democrats to pressure the IRS to target them. Of course, the SEIU attacked and Democrat Senators, Chuck Shumer, Al Franken and others complied by pushing the IRS to take action.


Certainly, the 2012 presidential election put the IRS targeting in high gear against Obama's opponent, Mitt Romney's supporters, including wealthy Idaho businessman and long time Republican supporter and donor, Frank VanderSloot, who was demonized and audited three times in four months.


President Obama's IRS hatchet man, acting Commissioner, Steve Miller contemptuously testified before a congressional House Committee, side-stepping questions and confirming nothing but feigned ignorance and Sarah Hall Ingram's position as executive in charge of the tax-exempt division, which in 2010 began targeting the Tea Party, conservative groups, evangelical and pro-Israel groups.


Unfortunately, Ingram -- who received unconscionable bonuses for her dirty work -- was recently promoted to serve as director of the IRS Obamacare program office, which will rain down tax tyrannies forcing compliance with Mr. Obama's ideological crown jewel, which will further damage or reverse economic recovery.


Surely, vast tax reform is needed, which should begin with the appointment of IRS National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson -- the ombudsman for the public inside the IRS -- as IRS Commissioner, instead of President Obama's inside man, Daniel Werfel, current White House Budget Office manager.


WSJ editorial recommending Olson is correct. Alas, the problem could be resolved entirely by the passage of the Fair (consumption) Tax, which would eliminate the IRS.




Los Angeles Times

May 16, 2013


Fire services fail in use of DC 10 air tankers


10 Tanker Air Carrier moving its two DC 10 fire fighting tankers from the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville to Wyoming -- to suit its new federal contract -- would be a great loss to Southern California fire suppression, if the tankers had been used by Cal Fire and the U.S. Forest Service properly.


Surely, if the DC 10 tankers had been used to make their massive water drops when the enormous Camarillo fire and the current Frasier Park fire first started, the fires would have been extinguished -- end of story. Indeed, if they were used on the Oak Hills fire before it crested the Southwest area of the Cajon Pass, the fire would not have spread any further.


Certainly, the U.S. Forest Service has a dismal record in fire fighting throughout the country, and certainly in California. If they had called in the DC 10 tankers on the fire that devastated the San Bernardino National Forest Lake Arrowhead area, and the Station Fire in the Angeles National Forest, the losses would have been minimal.


Clearly, if state and national fire services used DC 10 air tankers and Canadian Super Scoopers the way they should -- instead of going on the cheap -- the overall cost of wildfires would be greatly reduced. Many calls for local fire personnel and equipment to assist, would be unnecessary, and it not take away from their local availability to the people they serve.


Public service nonfeasance, needlessly costing lives and property is simply unconscionable.



Wall Street Journal

May 13, 2013


Re: GOP demands apology - front page

Re: Benghazi hearings                   


President Obama's mounting articles of impeachment


It's already obvious that the 9/11 anniversary Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack costing the lives of our ambassador and three security personnel was the result of intentional malfeasance by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.


Worse, the deceitful cover-up is tantamount to giving aid and comfort to our Islamic jihadist terrorist enemy to further a re-election campaign and to protect Obama and Clinton at any cost.


Even worse, the ongoing Teflon provided by the ideology-driven liberal media to President Obama and presumptive 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton -- and the demonization of all opposition -- is an unconscionable abdication of public responsibility by the press.


It was bad enough that the President Obama's campaign promises supporting the passage of Obamacare were a pack of lies concealing the devastating costs and cuts in America's healthcare coverage -- in addition to the wasteful, useless spending of his enormous stimulus packages, economy-busting regulations, national debt expansion.


Now comes reports that as early as the 2010 passage of Obamacare, and during the re-election campaign, administrative tyranny was launched by President Obama's IRS against the Tea Party and other conservative opposition's tax exemption status  -- in addition to the merciless demonizing of all opposition of any description. Indeed, even the New York Times criticized the administration's abusive IRS tactics against the Tea Party in a March 2012 editorial.


Subsequently, the president's sequester idea developed into selective pain from government cuts in FAA air traffic controllers and all manner of other unnecessary cuts designed to adversely affect the public -- placing blame on Republicans -- all intended to reclaim Democrat control of the House of Representatives in 2014.


Certainly, President Obama has made it painfully and abundantly clear that he has no problem defying Congress, ignoring the constraints of the Constitution, and the will of the people to do or get what he wants -- un-American as it may be.


Clearly, President Obama's costly ideology-driven executive orders, and administrative edicts and regulations amounting to tyrannical administrative abuse of power and cover-ups, along with patterns of lies and deceit, dereliction of duty against terrorism, border security -- and his failings in national and domestic security -- are stacking up as prospective articles of impeachment.


Lest we forget, it was House Republicans who moved ahead with hearings on the Watergate cover-up and articles of impeachment against former Republican president Nixon's abuse of power resulting in his resignation. Which begs the question: Where are the Democrats in the mounting evidence against President Obama and his captains of corruption?.


The problem is: President Obama will likely never be impeached and convicted because congressional Democrats and the liberal press are unlikely to let it happen -- and America will undoubtedly suffer the consequences.



Wall Street Journal

April 26, 2013


Obama administration endangers our security


President Obama and his Attorney General Holder are making it painfully clear that they have no problem risking our national security by cutting off the FBI questioning of Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Trarnaev with a U.S Attorney, a federal magistrate, and an appointed federal defense attorney advising the terrorist of his Miranda rights -- which he immediately exercised.


Worse, it doesn't seem to matter that Dzhokhar is a radical Islamic jihadist traitor waging war against America -- who along with his deceased brother Tamerian -- planned to bomb Time Square in New York, or that what the Obama administration did, increased threats to our national and domestic security.


In other words, President Obama, AG Eric Holder, his U.S. Attorney, and the federal magistrate blatantly abdicated their sworn duty to defend our public safety against all enemies, foreign and domestic, leaving them with the blood of Boston on their hands. That, along with failures against Islamic Fort Hood and Benghazi terrorism amounts to unconscionable aid and comfort to our enemies -- tantamount to impeachable treason.



Sacramento Bee

April 18, 2013


Governor Brown and the Sacramento Democrat cartel


Governor Brown's deceit in selling-out voters with the Proposition 30 tax-con and high speed rail boondoggle can only be eclipsed by the Democrat supermajority cartel  in the Legislature -- poised to dilute Proposition 13, the voter-initiative process, pass destructive laws and raise taxes.


For too long, California Democrats have set the good and bad examples for other states with good voter-initiatives and Proposition 13's tax restraints, and the bad open-door policies for welfare recipients and illegal aliens to feed upon housing, education and health care benefits, costing taxpayers $5 billion per year.


Coupled with enormous corporate and personal taxation to support growing government, the powerful teachers' union, the miseducation of our students -- AB 32 and the global warming environmental costs, and the steady flow of regulations raising the cost of living -- there is no doubt that California's economy is crashing from business flight and unemployment.


Adding injury to the intimidation of the state's failed criminal justice system, AB 109's prison re-alignment is dumping felony inmates on county jails to serve their time, causing early releases of dangerous criminals and aliens, who threaten our business, neighborhoods and our personal safety.


Question is: how long will it take for naïve voters to suffer enough pain to realize they have been taken for a fool's ride, and that dumping legislation-crazed Democrats is the only solution for California's recovery. Surely, the same goes for our federal government and the recovery of America.



Los Angeles Times

April 14, 2013


President Obama: Political poison ivy


President Obama's socialist agenda-driven performance during his first term and three months into his second term is clear and convincing evidence that he is not only a dictatorial zealot -- recklessly pushing national health care, costly green energy and environmental regulations, self-destructive spending, negative economic policy, and unsustainable debt -- he is an incompetent-in-chief with his failures in foreign policy, terrorism, and our national and domestic security.


Surely, the Obama administration is not taking Putin's Russian gangster and anti-American activities seriously, or their blatant support for terrorist regimes, or their energy deals with China increasing the economic threat to America. Coupled with continually diminishing our constitutional rights, protections and freedoms -- make the president an ambivalent danger to our country and our people.


President Obama's sellout to the UN, and his casual lack of purpose -- when confronted by al-Qaeda forces in North Africa and the Middle-East, Iran's nuclear threats against Israel and America, and his gross failures in Libya and Egypt -- is simply unconscionable. Worse, the immediate nuclear threats from North Korea's insane leader against South Korea, Japan and America highlights our inexcusable lack of ICBM defense, is cause for deep concerns.


One thing is certain. The Spring cherry blossom event in Washington cannot conceal the political poison Ivy creeping from the White House to the Capitol, throughout government and the nation -- stinging America wherever it hurts the most. Indeed, reversals of Democrat-driven damage may not come soon enough in 2014 and 2016.



Washington Post

April 11, 2013


President has no budget plan


President Obama's budget plan, along with his targeted sequester, can only be described as unconscionable deceptions, intimidation and petty political extortion at the expense of the economy and the middle class.


Indeed, President Obama has no "budget" plan. Budgets require a positive outcome for income and expenditures. Instead, the president is acting like an irresponsible child with a no-limit taxpayers' credit card.



Washington Times

February 2, 2013


Re: The Gay Scouts of America - editorial


I agree wholeheartedly with the WT editorial, and call upon the Boy Scouts of America leadership to stick by our standards


Victims of pedophile Catholic priests and Boy Scout leaders have suffered years of agony while the press persecutes the church and the BSA, avoiding the real cause of what is a national disgrace. Contrary to popular politically correct belief, gays are not sacred cows


Indeed, little to nothing has been revealed about how -- as a result of the sexual revolution in the 1970's and 1980's -- gay pedophiles flocked to Catholic seminaries to become priests because they would have a constant source of altar boys to prey upon.


Media persecution has now advanced against the Boy Scouts of America, the victim of gay pedophile assaults by scout leaders from the same period and beyond, seriously damaging the best character-building program in America and the world for boys and young men.


Worse, gay activists have a history of aggression against any opposition to them or gay marriage. However, the gay community has never condemned the insidious practices in the church and the BSA, nor have they done anything to discourage or prevent it -- yet still remain silent -- except to condemn the BSA for excluding gays.


As an active Bronze Palm Eagle Scout, district executive board member, and supporter of the BSA -- retired from 41 years in law enforcement and the criminal justice system -- I strongly encourage the BSA to stick to our standards and not give-in to PC pressure or gay intimidation. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are substantial last best hopes of each new generation. To lose them would be unconscionable. 




January 28, 2013


60 Minutes/Obama anoint Hillary for president


After anointing Obama twice for president, 60 Minutes' fawning interview with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and President Obama -- arranged by the president as an obvious endorsement -- led the media's way to anointing Hillary and Bill Clinton president for 2016.


Indeed, the manner in which the dominant national media gushed over Clinton's stellar performance -- and feigned emotion -- in the congressional hearings over the mishandling of the Benghazi, Libya terrorist assassinations of four Americans was an early indicator.


Clearly, the liberal media are bound and determined to elect the first woman president following the first black president to make their place in history, even if it costs the life of America.



Los Angeles Times

January 27, 2013


Re: State 'did the impossible,' Brown says - front page


California doing the impossible is an impossible dream


Governor Brown's State of the State speech projecting that, "California did the impossible" in emerging from a financial crisis is an impossible dream yet to be realized, even with Proposition 30's and AB 32's projected tax revenues.


Surely, promoting an overhaul of education funding, building the high speed rail and aggressively  expanding healthcare to the needy, while ignoring the enormous voter-approved accumulated debt, illustrates economic delusion.


Indeed, when Governor Brown goes to the Governor's conference in Washington touting his California plans as a model for the nation, he will discover that President Obama has already been there, done that, and seeking more damages.


Certainly, the liberal lemmings who facilitated Governor Brown and President Obama's self-destructive transformations will painfully realize the second coming of a worse recession resulting from hardcore government malfeasance. Problem is, they're taking the rest of us down with them.






Wall Street Journal
January 26, 2013


Re: SEC nominee signals shift


Obama's personal SEC cop


Considering President Obama's record of nominees and particularly questionable appointments, it seems quite evident that his nomination of tough former U.S. Attorney, Mary Jo White to head the SEC, is another move to deepen the expansion of his personal power on Wall Street and American business.


Particularly when White would be the first prosecutor to run the SEC, along with her extensive connections in representing major banking players such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and defending Bank of America's former CEO, Ken Lewis against securities fraud.


Needless to say, it's disturbing for the enforcement of bad new finance laws, and deeply troubling for our economy and future.